Saturday, 5 September 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Week 21

So after a bit of a rubbish month I am back on track. August was a bit lose a pound/gain a pound. The kids were off school and we were all out of routine, so I suppose a lull month is expected. I have done an updated photograph - a rubbish one as usual but I can see how far I have come.

I was baking Alice's birthday cake hence the flour stains and Alice decided to geg in on the picture. My weight loss photos are always rubbish and I'm not about to start changing them now :)

So, I lost 3 lbs this week which puts me straight back on track. 10 stone 9 now. I still have around another 10lbs to lose, maybe more depending how I feel when I get there.

I am cancelling my gym membership this week.

I know this might sound like a backward step, but it's not. I NEVER go. I am wasting my money every month. I keep saying "I'll find the time" but I never do. I know that time is always used as an excuse, but the fact is I now have two jobs. I have three kids and I am about to start my Masters - I literally have no time and I am throwing my money down the drain every month with the gym membership.

So... I have decided that I am going to put the "run" in school run and have a bit of a jog to school. I am generally a bit lazy. If the car is there then I will hop in and hop out. I like the speed and convenience of it. However, we have been without a car for a few days and I have realised that walking to school and back, fast - with a bit of a jog in between is just as good if not better than hopping on the treadmill. There is no motivation needed because I have to get to school and back, so there is a sense of purpose not just trudging away on a machine.

So that's my plan. These last few pounds will come off eventually!!!


  1. You are doing so well!!! I've never even step foot in a gym, much prefer to exercise at home when the mood takes. good luck on the "school run" xx

  2. Woohoo! 3lb is awesome and I love your theory on the gym. Definitely no point if you're not using it x

  3. Well done on the 3lb loss! That's awesome!


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