Thursday, 3 September 2015

Open Door

It is Wednesday night. I'm drinking red wine.

My three children are safely tucked up in bed. Rosie has a pretty pink princess blanket. Alice sleeps with her Frozen-themed quilt. Emily is still sat playing Minecraft on her laptop. My husband is reading his newspaper on the couch beside me.

We have no money. My bank balance is zero. I will repeat that later.

We have a warm home. There are two bathrooms. Three bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a lounge. Gardens - front and back.

We have books and records. We like jazz - we don't watch much TV but we read a lot and appreciate our lives together. We read the news.

There is a dead baby washed up on a beach somewhere. On the internet. Not in our lives.

This baby is wearing little velcro shoes and navy pants. His face is in the sand. He is dead.

I sip my wine.

We play songs on YouTube and watch an episode of Mad Men (second season - we have got through so many episodes - the characterisation is fantastic.)

We work a lot.

I have three jobs, my husband has two. We juggle quite a bit. I am a student as well, and privileged to be one, I know this.

The body imprinted on the sand - the man lifted the body and carried it away. The lifeless body, flopping this way and that.

Our kids are back at school tomorrow. Alice in her new crisp uniform. Emily Year 8 (how did time fly!) with concerns about school lessons, correct shoes and the like.

I drink some more wine, grateful for what we have.

But I don't put a full stop there because this is disgraceful behaviour. Yes, I am grateful for a happy and comparatively rich life, but I am full of anger and fear and hatred. Wealth is the problem of these nations who think that THEY control borders and entry and life. Our bank balance is ZERO because we are wage slaves. We work and we pay and people are facing war and terror and they reach out to US because they are desperate and we turn our backs. Because we are scared, because we are too poor, too scared and too controlled by our own government. Make no mistake, this country is rich.

My house is here.

It is warm, we are fed. We have tap water, we have blankets and even spare "things" that we don't use.

And our bank balance is zero.

So if everyone else could take a look at themselves...and see what it is that they have spare.

Maybe...just maybe we could help. What happened to the good old "whip round" -  a couple of quid in the pot. Can't we DO THAT? What is wrong - is there too much red tape, too much bureaucratic nonsense for us to see the woods for the trees??

I see a body, a life...a baby.

Washed up on the shore. And I wish that I could have opened my door and said YES. Come in. Come inside. We don't have much, but what we do have we will share.


  1. I feel exactly the same. Think exactly the same. We don't have much, but we have enough and I'm happy to share what I've got with my fellow human beings. But for chance, luck, the roll of the dice those refugees could be us, our families, our children. Us. It's not about race, or religion, or whatever excuse, it's about compassion and solidarity with our brothers and sisters in other countries, fleeing other countries. Let's all just budge up a bit and make room.

    Well said Kerrie x

  2. I cannot tell you how much this post resonates with me. When we think we have nothing, we forget that we have a safe, warm home and food on our table. Sure, life is hard for so many of us (I'm with you there on the no money - we barely make ends meet each month) BUT we have safety, and that means more than anything! We don't have money to give, but we can still give. We can still donate £5 by cutting back on a few little treats each month. We can still use our voices to raise awareness. We can still sign petitions to make our politicians listen. And we can still go around our house, finding things to donate (either to specific donation points, or to charity shops connected to charities who are raising vital funds for relief work). That is what we are doing today - spreading the word and going through our house, finding things to donate that raise the funds we don't necessarily have in our bank balance to give directly. We have to do something... we have so much in comparison, don't we?


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