Friday, 25 September 2015

Christmas Shopping

I know, I know... the dreaded "C" word so early in the year. But as parents we are all desperate to get Christmas organised. This year we are planning a little trip in December to Brussels for the Christmas markets, so we definitely want to get cracking early with the organising! So I have put together a little Christmas wishlist of essentials that we want to get in for the kids and for our home this Christmas. I'll be done by the end of November, promise...

Christmas last year!

1) Craft Items

When the kids are off we love to buy them craft supplies for those cold days indoors. I love the decorate your own baubles and clay figurines for them to paint. I put a load of old newspaper down and just let them get to work. I love watching them enjoy themselves and get messy as they learn!

2) Christmas Jumpers

I love Christmas jumpers on the kids. They are so festive and I love that they can wear them all December and be so warm and wrapped up. I don't even have one for myself and I am certain Warren would hate one. I think I will definitely have to buy us one each this year...

3) Advent Calendar Supplies

We don't buy the kids advent calendars because we have a gorgeous wooden one that lights up. It is a church and has pull out drawers for each day of December. So instead of buying them calendars, we buy sweets or chocolates and put them in each drawer for each day. Needless to say they love opening them!

4) Stocking Fillers

I love buying stocking fillers in the run-up to Christmas. I just pick up bits as we go. The Works have all kinds of stocking fillers on their website at the moment. I will definitely be checking that out!

5) Decorations

We do have quite a few decorations for the house already. We have Christmas candles and candle-holders for the table. However, this year I would like to get all new decorations for our tree. I think a trip to the local garden centre might be in order in a few weeks - can't wait!

This post was brought to you in association with The Works. All words and views are my own.

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  1. I started Christmas shopping this week....I managed to get a few bargains too :D


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