Thursday, 24 September 2015

Cake Baking with Cake Boss

As a bit of a wannabe-baker I was really excited to be sent some goodies from Cake Boss. Cake Boss supply a wide variety of cake-decorating and baking tools and gadgets - definitely something that I am always looking out for!

We were sent the following items:

* Fondant Rolling Pin
* Fondant Rolling Mat
* Smoother
* Cake decorating Kit

We couldn't wait to get cracking with this one and get baking. I do love baking cakes, especially the kids birthday cakes and on special occasions. Now my cakes are never going to be Pinterest superstars - I don't apply filters to my photographs I generally just tell it like it is - however, I was pretty sure that with the right tools my cake would be amazing, and I wasn't wrong!

So we decided to bake a normal sponge cake with butter cream and jam filling. A very simple recipe (I used a packet mix Ssssh don't tell anyone.) As is always the way when you decide to do these things I opened the fridge to find just one egg and I needed two so Warren had to steal an egg from his Mum as it was Sunday night and no way were we trekking out all over to buy eggs. And so, reality checked, we started the baking!

The kids were sort-of interested in the baking, but it wasn't long before they disappeared. Once the sponges were out, burnt bits cut off and filling applied, it was time to get creative with the tools we had been supplied with.

Cutting the "well done" bits off the cake...

That was when the kids all of a sudden came running back in and I found myself tripping over each of them as they all wanted a go with the rolling pin and the "Plasticine." (Icing) *sigh*

Getting to work with Cake Boss
Anyway, I was very impressed with the fold-away mat. Not only does it have the measurements handy for covering your cake, it is non-stick, as in, the icing just does not stick to it at all. The rolling pins are the same - the icing just doesn't stick to them, it was brilliant. I usually have an absolute nightmare with my wooden rolling pin and I use a ton of icing sugar all over the worktop to stop the icing sticking and I make a right mess. This time it was easy!

Everyone getting stuck in helping out - sort of!!

I also loved smoothing the icing onto the cake - the tool to do this really does work and this is definitely the smoothest and best-finished cake I have ever made.

Smoothing and cutting like a (messy) pro baker!
The cutters are also brilliant. The design we chose was just the plain flower motif as you can see from the photos. There are also 3D cuters for leaves and flowers, it was very easy and looked really impressive. I could also use the cutters for biscuits too so I think these are really great.

The finished cake!

As you can see from the photos - we really enjoyed baking and using the Cake Boss items. They really helped us and made the finished cake a lot more professional-looking than it would have been otherwise, I'd definitely recommend checking out their website for any cake-baking items

Eating the cake!

I was sent the Cake Boss supplies free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and views are our own.

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