Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Are We Over-Sharing?

Mummy bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, student bloggers, foodie bloggers, travel bloggers....the one thing we have in common is that we all share at least a part of our lives online. However, it is not just bloggers who do this. Now we have Facebook and other forms of social media, most of us have our own little piece of the Internet and we all choose to use this differently. I use Facebook a lot, and read a lot of different updates from people that I know, knew of know-of. (No-one seriously has 3,000 real-life friends do they.) People know things about me before I get the chance to tell them. I share AL LOT. The question is, are we over-sharing our lives on the Internet, and how much is too much?

If we take me for an example. I share a lot of things on the Internet. It's the way I am in real-life. If you ask me how my weekend was then I will tell you warts and all. It's not that I am self-obsessed or showing off - I'm just a waffler and I tell the truth A LOT. I don't embellish or make things up, even on this blog it's all true. I take photos of things as they are and just put them on there. My reasons for over-sharing are as follows:

* I am at the laptop A LOT. I am a student so I'm generally reading online. Also, I never watch TV at a normal hour due to the kids and everything else, I watch things on the iPlayer on the laptop. So I have Facebook open anyway.

* It makes me feel better about things that are going on. I am so busy that I don't know what's going on half the time, I write things down and I feel better. You might have noticed this on this blog. I really do write it to keep myself sane.

* My friends are online. I know you can say this is silly but I have met so many people through blogging. In my real life I am generally a bit of a loner. I study alone, I work, I sit in at night. We have three kids and we don't have unlimited babysitting credits. So I will converse with my online friends. I mean I'm not sat there chatting online all night, just a comment on a photo or whatever. In an age where we all work and have such busy lifestyles, this is socialising. It's 2015 and I'm telling you how my day was.

I suppose the crux of my over-sharing is the need for me to document what has just happened. I LOVE Timehop. I laugh at my own ridiculous life. I am aware that this is what people call "sad" and I don't care. It makes me happy.

So then, why overshare? Is it because it is funny? Do we want to grab attention, make people laugh, make people happy or make people feel good about their own lives? Are we showing off, seeking sympathy, venting our anger? In the absence of a traditional get-together with friends often, is this my new outlet? Is Facebook my virtual friend? And if it is, what does this say about me?

Do I care?

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