Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Week 19

So I was away last week, we went to Berlin for four days. Loved every minute, and a post to follow about that no doubt!

My plan for the four days was quite simple - be good for breakfast and dinner and then be a "bit naughty" at tea time. However, the best laid plans, etc...

It didn't REALLY work that way. It was scorching hot, and we got the train every morning to somewhere different. What a beautiful city. Breakfast at least was easy for me.


There were fresh croissants, sandwiches and sweet treats sold everywhere early in the morning - so Warren and the kids indulged on the way out. I was really good and bought a pack of apples (sad I know - but I was trying to be good!)

Breakfast Score: 10/10 - YAY ME.

Dinner/Lunch Whatever You Call Your Afternoon Meal

Now this is where it all went wrong. There is the gorgeous river Spree that runs through Berlin, and on that river there are so many wonderful places to eat. I MEAN DRINK. And eat. And so we did just that. Pasta, pizza, beer. And repeat. Add in an lick of one of the kids' ice cream for good measure.
But mainly beer. Amazing, German beer in the sunshine. What could be more enjoyable??

Beer/Dinner Score: -100/10


Tea/Dinner/Whatever You Call Your Evening Meal:

We had a huge dinner, and so tea was quite light. But it was mainly like a take-away type meal. The kids were tired and we really weren't going to take them to a restaurant at night so it was easier all round to grab something quick and take it back to the room. Yummy Turkish kebabs, Turkish pizzas and we even had a Chinese one night.

We also washed this down with a bottle of wine when the kids were asleep.

Tea Score : -5498/10

And so, I came home. Bloated from the beer. Tired from travelling. Sad for having to leave a city that I never wanted to come home from.

Then I stood on the scales at home and I had gained a whopping 5 lbs. However, I didn't spend too much time feeling sad because no one has got time for that shit   - I realised that I just needed to get back on with Slimming World. So I drank ALL THE WATER and jumped right back on the healthy train. I had four days to pull it back before weigh-in.

And guess what...

My 4 day damage limitation worked. I am no longer bloated, I feel great. Straight back to the plan. I weigh 10 stone 10 - only 10 lbs from my original target. I am going to get back to the gym this week (time permitting) and really get a move on now.

The next time we go away I will be at my target and wearing three different bikinis every day. (We're having a pool/beach holiday in April. I'm not going to walk round in a bikini on a city break. Promise.)



  1. YAY for only putting on 0.5lb! You're doing great x

  2. That's a fab weigh in considering your holiday, glad you had a lovely time you really enjoyed a lovely break xx


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