Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Week 18

What a week. We were meant to be going on holiday, so I had booked my week off with Slimming World, and in my head I had switched off. I was still continuing with the plan, but being "ON ME HOLIDEES" I had a few crisps one night, we had wine midweek and generally relaxed just a little bit, safe in the knowledge that I wasn't being weighed for two weeks. That is what holidays are for aren't they.

Anyway, an hour before we were due to set off for the airport, we got a text saying that the flight was cancelled. Seriously. All is well that ends well, we re-arranged the holiday for a later date - however, I had to do a big u-turn, get to the gym, switch my brain back to "not on holiday" mode. Fortunately I didn't do any damage and I did lose weight so all was well. I suppose that tells us a story about how far I have come mentally with my eating and drinking. It feels good be able to stay in control, and I think that is the key for me. I can have a treat, but I have to control it and set my own limits, even if I am not "counting" I at least need to be "watching."

I took some more photos as I have my stone and a half award this week.

The pictures aren't great (I hate weight loss photos!) But it's the same dress, same door, etc.

I am feeling great. I still have a way to go. I do keep a lot of weight around my middle, but it's just time and keeping on doing what I am doing with Slimming World, because it is working.

On paper I am only 9½ lbs away from target. However, I think I will move my own goal posts and aim to lose more than that - I have come this far so I know I can do it.

Time and effort is all it has taken.

*wobbles bottom*



  1. you are doing fab hun and looking great, boo to holiday being cancelled though!!

  2. Wahoo you little ledge! Well done. You're doing ace & did so well to recover this week after thinking it was holiday mode time. :-) you can see such a huge difference in the photos! I need some of what you're having to kick off these final pounds x

  3. Your wobbly bottom is so much less wobbly now! Way to go lovely! x

  4. Brilliant progress well done :)

  5. Brilliant progress well done :)

  6. You're doing so well! I'm back at class tomorrow and ready to get focussed.


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