Monday, 20 July 2015

Summer Home Spruce Ups!

Home improvements – where do I start? Having the three children running around and making a mess every five minutes is not the ideal time to start improving the home really!

Tidying up after these two would be a start!!

However, I am aware that the children are now getting older and we have started to look at some of the things we could do to improve our home. Here are my top three:
      New Kitchen

I would absolutely love a new kitchen. I would love a huge Range cooker, brand new worktops and definitely more cupboard space. I would love someone to come in and design it for us with our space specifically in mind.

New Fitted Wardrobes

We already have some fitted wardrobes in our bedroom but they are quite tired-looking now. Maybe we could just change the doors and give the room just a bit of a face-lift – that might save some pennies and just perk the room up a little bit – add some new curtains and bedding and it would look like a new room entirely.

      New Drive

Our drive has been there since we have moved in – it is literally just tarmac. I would love to have a crazy-paving type drive and have the front garden spruced up while we were at it. I suppose that would mean a landscaper to come in and start the garden from scratch – that would be all fine by me!

To do any of these things might mean saving up our pennies, or even getting a home improvement loan – especially if we wanted a brand new kitchen. Of course getting a credit check would be our first port of call if we decided to go down this route.
We are definitely going to use the summer to start de-cluttering our lives and begin thinking where we would like to start with our home improvement.  (My vote goes to the new kitchen!!)

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  1. We are currently trying to get our bathroom sorted then next summer our job is to sort the garden and then, maybe the next year we'll work on our extension plans. The list is neverending! x


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