Friday, 17 July 2015

Review: Coronation Street Tour

We were absolutely over the moon to be invited to the Coronation Street Tour in Manchester. I have watched the soap over the years, apart from the last few where I have been dipping in and out. However, Emily absolutely LOVES Coronation Street. She is a bit of a soap addict so she was really chuffed to go.

The set is on Quay Street in Manchester, very easy to get to and has welcomed over half a million visitors since it first opened. However, sadly it is closing for good in December this year, so we were really glad to get to visit before this studio and set is gone forever!

The cast and crew left the set in 2013 to move to their new set in Media City. After this the tour was opened to the public. We began our tour in the "green room" where the stars of the show would rehearse. Just off this room were the dressing rooms. We were then led to basically a warehouse - where all of the internal scenes were shot. The inside of The Rovers Return, the Platt's house, the inside of the Kabin... it was really strange to be inside the sets - to see how the actors and actresses worked. Strange and amazing to think that it was always in a warehouse when on the screen it looks just like a usual house.

We were also shown a really brilliant mix of old and more recent clips - it was great to be reminded of some the happy and sad times, as well as explosive times! If you're a fan of Corrie then you'll know that it is quite funny at times as well as having the drama and emotion of a soap.

As a history geek, I was really pleased to see the old props that were kept - Deidre Barlow's glasses, Hayley Cropper's coffin, and lots of other little gems. I also loved the idea that they have hidden meercats around the sets and there is a little challenge for younger children to find them - I am sure that my younger two would love this.

It really was brilliant when we were sat in the inside of the Bistro, and the doors open to the sound of the Corrie music - and you just look out onto Coronation Street. It really was a great sight - me and Em were amazed, because you are really there! We had a wander around the street to outside the Rovers, to the Kabin, Audrey's salon and we had pizza and drinks in the Street! Emily was really happy (despite the Tween "not bothered" thing that she tends to have going on a lot of the time!) She even pretended to be Tina in spectacular fashion.

When you are on the tour you can even send a Coronation Street postcard to someone, post it through the red postbox on the Street and it will have a Weatherfield postmark! What a great souvenir in itself.

We really loved this tour. I would definitely recommend a visit over the summer holidays. A family ticket is £60 for two adults and two children, but children under 5 are free. I think that it would make a great day out. All in all we were there for about two hours. The tour guides were fabulous - full of lots of great little facts about the actors, key scenes and little secrets - I won't spoil it for you!

Home-Time Selfie! 
If you wanted to go over the summer do check out their website for more information. I would definitely recommend it.

We were invited on the tour free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and views are our own.

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