Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Parragon Book Buddies Book Review: The Ugly Duckling

We are definitely book people in our house. I cant even begin to tell you how many book cases we have in our house let alone the number of actual books that we have. Both myself and Warren read a lot, and in turn, the children have picked up a love of reading. They still love their cartoons and their modern gadgets, but they also love the feel of real books with real pages, and even textures in some children's books, too.

We encourage the children to "read" themselves - they enjoy flicking through picture books and even Rosie pretends to read the bigger books. I am so glad that our children enjoy books - even Emily (who is 11 and find everything boring/sad/stupid) still likes to read. (After she has watched Coronation Street of course!)

Warren tends to be the "reader" to the kids at bedtime. As I spend more time with them in the day when I am off work, I read to them in this time. At bedtime, it tends to be Daddy they ask to read them their bedtime story. Up until very recently it has only been Alice who has a designated bedtime story, but just in the past month Rosie has also been asking for a short story before she settled down with her milk.

We were sent this book by Parragon last month.

This is Alice's best "SAY CHEESE" face
This is a beautiful board-book by Parragon with Slide and See features. Alice loves this one at the moment.

I love the way that the tale of the Ugly Duckling is told with the slide and see feature making it interactive for the reader. Alice enjoys getting involved and knows just exactly when to pull the tabs!

The book is illustrated beautifully and the simple take is told well.

This is definitely one of our go-to bedtime stories at the moment!

Disclosure: We were sent this book free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and views are our own.

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