Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom Week 17

Back on track!

I said I wasn't going to update every week unless I had something of interest to say. This week I have been taking photos of my food. I have gone right back to basics with fresh, syn-free meals, loads of speed food and I went to the gym twice.

Chicken Stir Fry & Asturian Pork Stew

In my quest to cut down some of my filler,I have a new gadget - a vegetable spiralizer. This was £10 from John Lewis and looks like a pencil sharpener for courgettes and carrots. It does a great job of turning courgette into "noodles" as you can see from the photo above. It added a lovely texture to the stir fry and bulked it out aplenty. To accompany the stew in the picture above I did half rice/half cauliflower rice. This just cuts out some of the unnecessary stodge. My body doesn't need all the rice/pasta/noodles that I have been eating over the years - I just need to find a substitute to bulk out some of it so that I don't feel deprived!

I feel like I have really fell back in love with Slimming World again this week. Back to basics. This week I sat with my recipe books, and planned the week's shop around that, ordered online, no fuss. I am going to do this every week now, set aside half an hour to go through my books and have new recipes every week.

Salmon, risotto and vegetables and a massive ham and pasta salad 
I really have put the effort in this week and it has shown on the scales. I am now back on track.

I weight 10 stone 12 now. I am half a pound away from losing a stone and a half. 

I have been a bit stuck around the 11 stone mark for about a month. I suppose with any weight loss regime you do hit the wall, but I feel like I have smashed through it. I hope I have. I would love to lose another 2lb in the next two weeks. I don't mind the weight coming off slowly now - this is old fat clinging on to my wobbly bottom - it has been comfortable there for years - and I am finally saying enough is enough and kicking it out!!

Happy to take it slow now. If I lose 1 or 2 pounds a week from now, I will be at my target just after the kids go back to school, although I may move my own goal posts as I lose more weight. We went shopping today and I was actually eyeing up bikinis! I didn't buy one yet. I did buy a swimming costume though - I am planning on taking up swimming to tone up soon, so hopefully I'll manage to have a swim once a week if I get the time. I know that time is always the excuse with exercise, but I really sometimes do not have time, I have two jobs now and with everything else - I am impressed if I manage to get to the gym twice a week!


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