Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Week 14

Wowsers week 14 already - how did that happen?

This week I have been eating a lot of eggs. I have been experimenting with omelettes seeing as though I had bought a new frying pan (£2.99 from B&M - you know me, cheap and cheerful - not literally...)
I just use a bit of fry light and fry and veg - mushrooms, peppers, onions - pretty much anything with ham, chicken or whatever. Whisk up a couple of eggs and pour it on, then fold it over and cook for a few minutes and et voila - a lovely little lunch served up with a large side salad or sugar snap peas or whatever free veg I have in.

Rubbish food photography - apologies, I'll try harder next week, promise :)

I also went shopping and bought some new clothes in a size 14. I know that a 14 is not a small size, but for me, it really is! And now I am working on replacing all of my "basics" with size 14s so that I can work on getting into a 12 eventually. However, shopping for basics didn't really work - Emily suggested that I should definitely get some hot pants for summer. Seriously. I have never even worn fitted shorts nevermind hotpants!

So, here you are for all embarrassment's sake - me in a pair of hotpants. I'll have to get a wriggle on and lose a bit more weight if I want to feel comfy in these for my holidays!

Anyway - how did I do this week?

Pretty good!

So that makes it 1 stone 6 lbs now. Almost a stone and a half. I am delighted. So much so that this week I will be going to the gym THREE TIMES. I know that this will happen because I have written it on our family notice board - me and Warren are taking turns alternate nights, we're like a weird fitness tag team.

We're off out for our dinner on Saturday - I plan on having a salad, but I also plan on having a dessert. It has been a while since I have had one and I fancy a treat. I am hoping all my hard work the rest of the week round will balance this out.

#YOLO and all that.

See you next week :)


  1. Doing amazingly! Looking awesome in those hot pants!

  2. Well done, you are doing great!! :)


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