Thursday, 16 July 2015

How To Get a First Class Honours With Three Kids, a Job and a Blog

Check out my titles, they get worse don't they.

So now I have completed my History degree and I got a FIRST CLASS HONOURS. (I put that in capitals just in case you didn't see it.) I am really proud, I did it part time so it took me six years. It's a long time. Post -grad in September.

Anyway, one of the questions that people ask me all the time is "How do you do it?" or they say "I don't know how you do it."

I'll be honest, these past couple of weeks since being exam and uni-reading free, I have still been mega-busy and so - I don't even know how I managed to do it in the first place.

But here, I will attempt to explain how I did it.

For the laughs, obvs.

1.) Children

Control any children you may have. Yes, you chose to have them - but you didn't choose for them to impede on your every waking moment. You need time.

You probably can't farm your kids out to anyone. You just have to get on with it whether they are at nursery or not. I liked to read at soft play. Seriously. Teach yourself how to work with a hundred kids screaming around you. After that it's all such a doddle. You can cope with anything,

P.S You can't put the kids in the wheelie bin

2.) Keep a clean house and a clear desk. Organisation is key.

3) Pregnancy

Aaah that old chestnut. You might plan one baby around your studies. It's do-able. Manage-able. But if six months after giving birth you find out that you are pregnant again - YOU'VE ONLY GOT YOURSELF TO BLAME SWEETCHEEKS. And besides, there are loads of opportunities for you to swot up/

You can:
 a) Take your books to your ante-natal appointments. That's LOADS of reading time, right there

b) Take your books in to delivery. What??? Is that weird?

4.) Work

You need to use every conceivable minute you have spare to read. The toilet is your friend. Dinner break? Read. Walking from one office to another? Read.

Bus to work? You've hit the jackpot!

5) The Toilet is Your Friend

Start a little library in there, trust me. The kids WILL eventually follow you in, obviously. But you can manage a few minutes of quiet in there. Especially if your other half is in. You might even grab a quick half an hour.

I still don't know how I managed it.

But these are some of the things I did.


  1. Oh my GOODNESS - massive congratulations - that's hugely clever :). You must be so so proud of yourself and absolutely right too. It just goes to show that where there's a will there's a way. That and natural talent obviously ;)

  2. I'm exhausted just reading that! Huge Congratulations to you (again) - will you be wearing a gown and mortarboard at all times now? ;) xx

  3. however you did it, you did it bloody well, a huge well done to you lady!!!!

  4. What a woman!!! Amazing news!! Huge congratulations! You're an inspiration to many!!x

  5. Kerry HUGE flippin congratulations!! You are my heroine and I am in awe of you. I just don't have the commitment or staying power to do what you did. I am saluting you right now. Go party!! xx


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