Saturday, 18 July 2015

Foodies Festival with The Co-operative - Tatton Park

We love taking the kids out at weekends - this is our family time together. A food festival is something that we would definitely be up for - food, sunshine, some good wine and company - perfect day out for us.

The Foodies Festival at Tatton Park held this weekend was perfect for us. Tatton Park is gorgeous, it's not too far from Liverpool, takes us about 40 minutes to drive there. We were very lucky that we got excellent weather for the day - we packed our baby bag full of the usual supplies (sun cream, snacks and water for the journey, and baby wipes of course!) and set off.

It was so busy there - in a good way. The atmosphere was fantastic, there were lots of food and drink stands offering tasters and samples, as well as the opportunity to buy some local, fresh produce, and some things that were a bit niche such as the God Slayer Chilli Sauce that Warren bought from Wiltshire Chili Farms. It's safe to say that I won't really be getting involved in that, but I'm Warren will love it.

The Co-Operative had kindly provided us with our tickets and I must say that their stand was brilliant.They had an offer of Prosecco and Pizza for £4, and all the proceeds went to charity. There were three charities to choose from and you picked by popping your empty plastic wine glass in the corresponding bag. It was a great idea, and good to see companies getting involved and giving something back to the local communities.

I enjoyed a lovely glass of Prosecco in the sunshine and the three girls tucked into the gorgeous freshly-made pizza.

Say "cheese" girls!

We watched some of the master classes such as Simon Wood from Masterchef, and we eavesdropped on the Champagne session. There were so many stalls and we came away with quite a lot of food in our bag, including some gorgeous mega- thick-cut crisps called Slabs. I 'm sorry Slimming World!

We also bought Rosie some chips with parmesan shavings and mushroom salt - she wolfed the lot of them!

This is me stuffing my face.

Single Buggy Tandem!
All in all we had a great day. We stayed for a good few hours and tried a bit of everything. Well. they do say that a bit of what you fancy does you good.

The Foodies Festival runs at various venues up and down the country. Visit the website for prices and information.

Foodies Website

We were given VIP tickets by the Co-Operative to attend this event. All words and views are our own.

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