Friday, 10 July 2015

A327 Results and Degree Complete!

Absolutely over the moon.

I averaged 81 in my essays this year and scored 85 in the exam. This is the highest exam score I have ever had, and makes me very happy - I have never had a higher exam score than my average essays either - I am very proud of myself, I quoted Marx and EVERYTHING!

I realise I haven't written much about the A327 module - maybe this tells you how much of my time it has consumed. However, I promise to write a "review" style post very soon.

With distinctions in all four examinable modules, this means I now have a First Class Honours!

So now I have claimed my degree and my graduation ceremony is in November in Manchester.

I thought I might cry when I got my results. Or laugh. Or go crazy.

It's a weird feeling I have. Like "I've done it." Something between accomplishment and defiance. I don't feel any different. But when I'd finished the exam I did feel different. Like after three hours of writing what I knew... everything had changed.  I took a photo on the bus on the way home.

This was my "exams done" face :)

It's done, but it's not finished yet.

Post grad studies, here I come.


  1. Amazing stuff, congratulations! I finished my degree last year and it is such a strange feeling. I'd love to do post-grad, I need to save some pennies! xx

  2. That is fantastic! Congratulations! :D


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