Saturday, 25 July 2015

Testing How Gentle Pampers Wipes Are #PampersPooface

We were excited to be asked to take part in a project with Pampers to test how mild the wipes are on babies skin. Having two babies close together means that baby wipes are an essential item for us - everywhere you look there is a pack. And not only do we use them for the babies - like most parents we use baby wipes for all sorts of things - cleaning, wiping worktops, wiping baby's mouths - I have even been known to put them on the bottom of my trainers and skid along the floor to clean up.... I mean erm...

Anyway, of course our baby's skin is important to us. Our girls are very fair and Rosie especially is prone to a bit of skin irritation - so the more gentle the baby wipes are the better.

Pampers sent us a pack so that we could crack on with our experiment.

Our pack included:

Pampers Baby Wipes
Ordinary Water
Cotton Wool
Indicator Paper
Sticky Tape
pH guide

It also included a little rubber duck, which made the experiment all the more interesting! See our video below to see how we got on.

We were surprised to see that the Pampers baby wipes were actually more pH balanced than ordinary cotton wool and water. This definitely has given me some confidence when using the wipes - I know that they are as gentle as can be for my girls' skin.

Pampers also have a really funny advertising campaign going on at the moment. Do check out their #Pamperspooface video here too.

I'm working with BritMums and Pampers testing their wipes and featuring their new #PampersPooface video. I was provided wipes and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit for more information.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Book Review: My Stinky New School by Rebecca Elliott

Me, Alice and Rosie were really looking forward to reviewing this book. We love reading new books together and this one is the perfect size for bedtime.

This book is about Toby, who has his first day at school. Unfortunately, Toby does not like school! The book follows Toby's imagination as instead of meeting friends, he meets a whole host of other characters such as a mermaid, an alien and a pirate!

I loved the way that the book was so sensitive about Toby'uneasy transition into school. The way that he uses his imagination to make his friends different characters slowly unfolds throughout the book and in the end, he realises that he does like school - because he has actually made lots of friends without even realising.

Alice really enjoyed this book. I think it would be great for kids who may be a bit nervous about starting school. I will definitely be reminding Alice of these when she starts in Reception next year. Alice has taken well to pre-school and she really enjoys it, but each step can sometimes affect them and I love that there are books out there to open up the conversation about this.

The illustrations in the book are fun, and Alice loved to hold the book as I read it to her.

The author has written several books for children all aimed at helping children deal with unfamiliar and perhapd uncomfortable circumstances. To find out more do visit the author's website here.

Disclosure: We were sent this book for the purpose of this review, all words and views are my own. 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Foodies Festival with The Co-operative - Tatton Park

We love taking the kids out at weekends - this is our family time together. A food festival is something that we would definitely be up for - food, sunshine, some good wine and company - perfect day out for us.

The Foodies Festival at Tatton Park held this weekend was perfect for us. Tatton Park is gorgeous, it's not too far from Liverpool, takes us about 40 minutes to drive there. We were very lucky that we got excellent weather for the day - we packed our baby bag full of the usual supplies (sun cream, snacks and water for the journey, and baby wipes of course!) and set off.

It was so busy there - in a good way. The atmosphere was fantastic, there were lots of food and drink stands offering tasters and samples, as well as the opportunity to buy some local, fresh produce, and some things that were a bit niche such as the God Slayer Chilli Sauce that Warren bought from Wiltshire Chili Farms. It's safe to say that I won't really be getting involved in that, but I'm Warren will love it.

The Co-Operative had kindly provided us with our tickets and I must say that their stand was brilliant.They had an offer of Prosecco and Pizza for £4, and all the proceeds went to charity. There were three charities to choose from and you picked by popping your empty plastic wine glass in the corresponding bag. It was a great idea, and good to see companies getting involved and giving something back to the local communities.

I enjoyed a lovely glass of Prosecco in the sunshine and the three girls tucked into the gorgeous freshly-made pizza.

Say "cheese" girls!

We watched some of the master classes such as Simon Wood from Masterchef, and we eavesdropped on the Champagne session. There were so many stalls and we came away with quite a lot of food in our bag, including some gorgeous mega- thick-cut crisps called Slabs. I 'm sorry Slimming World!

We also bought Rosie some chips with parmesan shavings and mushroom salt - she wolfed the lot of them!

This is me stuffing my face.

Single Buggy Tandem!
All in all we had a great day. We stayed for a good few hours and tried a bit of everything. Well. they do say that a bit of what you fancy does you good.

The Foodies Festival runs at various venues up and down the country. Visit the website for prices and information.

Foodies Website

We were given VIP tickets by the Co-Operative to attend this event. All words and views are our own.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Review: Coronation Street Tour

We were absolutely over the moon to be invited to the Coronation Street Tour in Manchester. I have watched the soap over the years, apart from the last few where I have been dipping in and out. However, Emily absolutely LOVES Coronation Street. She is a bit of a soap addict so she was really chuffed to go.

The set is on Quay Street in Manchester, very easy to get to and has welcomed over half a million visitors since it first opened. However, sadly it is closing for good in December this year, so we were really glad to get to visit before this studio and set is gone forever!

The cast and crew left the set in 2013 to move to their new set in Media City. After this the tour was opened to the public. We began our tour in the "green room" where the stars of the show would rehearse. Just off this room were the dressing rooms. We were then led to basically a warehouse - where all of the internal scenes were shot. The inside of The Rovers Return, the Platt's house, the inside of the Kabin... it was really strange to be inside the sets - to see how the actors and actresses worked. Strange and amazing to think that it was always in a warehouse when on the screen it looks just like a usual house.

We were also shown a really brilliant mix of old and more recent clips - it was great to be reminded of some the happy and sad times, as well as explosive times! If you're a fan of Corrie then you'll know that it is quite funny at times as well as having the drama and emotion of a soap.

As a history geek, I was really pleased to see the old props that were kept - Deidre Barlow's glasses, Hayley Cropper's coffin, and lots of other little gems. I also loved the idea that they have hidden meercats around the sets and there is a little challenge for younger children to find them - I am sure that my younger two would love this.

It really was brilliant when we were sat in the inside of the Bistro, and the doors open to the sound of the Corrie music - and you just look out onto Coronation Street. It really was a great sight - me and Em were amazed, because you are really there! We had a wander around the street to outside the Rovers, to the Kabin, Audrey's salon and we had pizza and drinks in the Street! Emily was really happy (despite the Tween "not bothered" thing that she tends to have going on a lot of the time!) She even pretended to be Tina in spectacular fashion.

When you are on the tour you can even send a Coronation Street postcard to someone, post it through the red postbox on the Street and it will have a Weatherfield postmark! What a great souvenir in itself.

We really loved this tour. I would definitely recommend a visit over the summer holidays. A family ticket is £60 for two adults and two children, but children under 5 are free. I think that it would make a great day out. All in all we were there for about two hours. The tour guides were fabulous - full of lots of great little facts about the actors, key scenes and little secrets - I won't spoil it for you!

Home-Time Selfie! 
If you wanted to go over the summer do check out their website for more information. I would definitely recommend it.

We were invited on the tour free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and views are our own.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Review: Play at Brewer's Fayre Chapel Brook Liverpool

We were delighted to be asked to attend a VIP event introducing the new new Play at Brewer's Fayre play area. We were invited to attend the action-packed day filled with crafts, face-painting, colouring in, a massive play area and some lovely food to boot. The kids also met Dennis the Menace and Gnasher and practically spent the whole afternoon running around enjoying themselves. If they are happy, we are happy and so we had a great day!

Before the meal came, the kids were playing in the play area. This was great - usually the kids get fed up waiting for food and we have to try and entertain them. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't - however a soft play area never fails to keep them amused. They also worked up a decent appetite too and ate all the food in front of them - happy kids = happy parents in our house.

I really liked the menu. The kids menu was great value for money and contained everything that the kids might like to eat such as macaroni, hotdogs and burgers. Alice and Rosie had macaroni with garlic bread and Emily had a hotdog with chips and a sweetcorn wheel. The portion sizes were good and the kids ate it all.

Warren smothered chicken and I had a salad. I love salads when they are prepared by someone else and this really was lovely.

Overall we had a great time. We were really glad that we were invited to check out the new play area and we said that we would definitely return over the summer holidays. The kids had a ball and they were worn out when they got home!

Over the summer Brewer's Fayre have a summer deal on - 2 for 1 meals and kids go free. Do check out the link and check the times - definitely worth a visit to keep the kids entertained for a few hours over the summer.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Review: Glasses Shop Glasses & Free Pair Offer

Now if you know me you will know that my eyes are absolutely rubbish. I can barely see a foot in front of my face. So I do have quite a few pair of glasses, and I always enjoy trying on new styles. I was really excited to be offered to try a pair from

The pair that I chose are half rimmed, rectangle shaped and black with grey flecks on the arms. They are made of metal and are lightweight.

As you can tell from the photographs this shape flatters my face and the glasses are really comfortable to wear. These ones are about £20 but they do lots of different glasses to suit all budgets. They have plenty of cheap glasses that are great value. They also sell prescription sunglasses - I'll definitely be checking these out for over the summer.

I also wanted to let you know that they are also running a campaign called First Pair Free which basically gives you a free pair of glasses, excluding shipping and handling fees. Well worth checking out if you were after a new pair.

Do check out their website for more information.

I was sent these glasses free of charge for the purpose of this review, all words and views are my own

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Review: Clarks Brogues from Brantano Footwear

I was delighted to be able to work with Brantano Footwear - I do love shoes but tend to put the kids' shoes and footwear before my own - I am the kind of mum that wears her shoes into the ground before buying more! However, I have been trying to change this lately, and so I was really excited to be asked to review a pair of shoes (for myself!) from Brantano's website. Brantano do shoes for all the family so of course I had a good nosey around their fab website before deciding which ones to pick!

We tend to buy our girls Clarks shoes. They last a long time and are excellent quality - so I chose myself a pair of Clarks Hamble Oak Blue Brogues. I can not stress how excited I was when the postman handed me the box! I LOVE flat shoes and I have a bit of an obsession with a good brogue. They are so versatile, and these ones are adorable. I love them.

These brogues are in soft, patent blue leather and have lovely cushioning on the inside. An absolute joy to wear. They came with beautiful ribbon-style laces and a pack of normal navy laces too. I love the ribbon - it just gives a soft feminine touch to a classic brogue. The sole is brown, and there is a slight heel - maybe a centimetre or so - makes a great sound on concrete.

I love these shoes. I knew I would love them before they arrived and now they are here I wear them all the time, no kidding. Warren has joked that I will probably buy any new clothes with a splash of blue in them so that I can wear these shoes... he's not far from wrong! I wore them a few weeks ago with a blue polka dot dress and they were lovely - and so comfy too - handy when I am chasing the little ones around!

These shoes were £60 from Brantano, definitely worth the price - the quality is there and definitely worth paying for.

Do keep up with Brantano and check out their website

Follow Brantano on Twitter

Like Brantano on Facebook

I was sent these shoes for the purpose of this review. All words and views are my own.

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