Monday, 22 June 2015

The Time I was All The Mums in Game of Thrones

Yes, I'm really doing this. Love Game of Thrones. Full of loads of great Mums, just like me!

So, let's start with Daenerys Targaryen. AKA Queen of Dragons. AKA Queen and all that jazz. I know she had dragons for kids, but I reckon my kids would drive her to distraction. I mean, her dragons at least made her look pretty cool and that.

That would never work for me.

Next up, Catelyn Stark. The Red Wedding. Oh dear. That all went a bit pear-shaped didn't it. I know there can be a bit of a scrap at weddings now and again, but bloody hell. 

It was all a bit crazy wasn't it.

Poor cow.

Let's not forget Cersei Lannister. Now here is a mother who would do anything for her kids. She always has a glass of wine in her hand too - which is never a bad thing. Mind you, being Joffrey's Mum she deserved a tipple or two. I can totally relate.

One of these is my Rosie. I'll let you figure out which....
Give that woman a drink


  1. I don't watch G of T, but just imagining you in it makes me giggle!!!! x

  2. I don't watch G of Thrones but might do now, haha x


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