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Slimming & Changes #operationwobblybottom

What a crap blog post title - have you ever noticed I am rubbish at blog post titles?? Well, anyway...

This will be about what it says - how I've changed since losing some weight and general changes that I have made in my life. They may sound small to you, but believe me, after thirty years of bad habits these are major life changes for me. I read a lot of Slimming World blogs and I like to get new ideas from people, so if you're reading this maybe you'll pick up some ideas.

First of all, I am far from perfect - I still have at least another stone to go - possibly two. I have lost just over a stone, but the difference it has made to my life is massive to me. Also, I'd like to say that I am not doing this to be thin - I want to be healthy and I want to feel better in myself. Being slimmer makes me more confident and I feel healthier - I am not preaching or fat-shaming or anything like that.

So here are the ways in which my eating habits have changed:


* I eat lots more fruit and veg with every meal. Sounds really obvious, right? But when you eat so much fruit and veg you get fed up of the same things so you mix it up a bit. We now eat a lot of kale, sugar snap peas and pak choi. Over the next few months we'll be mixing it up and trying even more fruit and veg.

* I eat only wholemeal bread, pasta and rice. I just find it keeps me fuller for longer, and as an added bonus, I actually prefer it.

* I substitute some of my rice/pasta for vegetables. So I'll grate a cauliflower and half cauliflower rice/half real rice. If we have a stirfry or a bolognaise I will have a third of my plate filled with baked kale or spring greens. I just eat them first then I have a pretty "normal" meal whilst knowing I've filled up on all the veg!

* I eat lots of natural fat-free yoghurt, whenever I want. I add some sweetener to it and it just keeps my sugar cravings at bay.

* I don't eat butter. I save up my treats for the weekend when I have some wine instead. I don't miss it at all - if I want to have toast I just stick a runny egg and some beans on there instead!

* I only have skimmed milk. I really only use it for coffee and tea, so I don't have much anyway. I should really measure it for Slimming World but I am pretty certain I use under my allocated amount anyway.

* My roast dinners are the BIGGEST and probably the most healthy meal that I make. I just pile the plate with vegetables, a few potatoes and lean meat.

* No takeaways as a rule. We used to have maybe one a week - now we pop to Tesco and I buy a steak or a lovely piece of gammon or something that makes me feel like I have had a treat. It's cheaper than a takeaway and much better for me!

* I DO cheat! I have wine at weekends, and if I have an event or a special occasion I will have a day of not watching what I eat. This might end up as a weight gain, but I have to have a life. And besides I am in this for the long haul, so over the course of a year a couple of days off is not going to matter. I have tried to change my mind frame - if I have a cheat meal, that's exactly what it is, I don't need to fall off completely.


* I have been trying to get back to the gym - however, as you know, I don't have a great deal of time. When I go I try and do 30 minutes cardio and about 20 minutes weights. I love it.

* I am "quicker" now I have lost weight. A walk that might look like a right effort now seems somehow shorter to me. If I go shopping I feel like I am whizzing around - that will be the weight loss and partly because of the energy that I have due to all the good food!

* I'm in the middle of looking for a decent abdominal work-out on Youtube or wherever - if you know of one do link me up. My abdominals are completely wrecked with having the kids, so this needs a lot of work. I thought if I had one to do at home I might be more inclined to crack on with it but watch this space.

* I have a cheap set of dumb bells at home. I just use them now and again in the house. I am aware that I do need a real plan of action with my exercise. A timetable maybe. I am not there yet, but I plan on getting more organised!

Changes I Have Noticed

When I was bigger I used to get sick of hearing how great people felt now they had lost weight - more energy, bla bla bla... but it is true. Because I have lost a bit of weight it is inspiring me to lose more - as I want to feel fitter and stronger. Below are the changes I have really noticed.

* I DO have more energy.

* Treats feel like real treats. A piece of cake tastes much nicer when you realise that it is a one-off for the month.

* I've been paying more attention to myself. I am making more of an effort with my clothes, my hair, my skin... it's not all to do with losing weight of course, but it's probably part of the realisation that I need to look after my body.

* My clothes are a lot bigger now. I have dropped a dress size and I will be buying more clothes for my holiday. However, I will be waiting to buy a full wardrobe - I know that I want to be another size down at least. It is not all about the numbers it's about how I feel and I am learning to recognise that.

* If I have a day of eating what I like - my birthday, for example... we had a Chinese takeaway, chocolate birthday cake plus wine and other treats. I noticed that my ankles were swollen at night and I had that "stuffed" feeling that has plagued me most of my life. I am not sure if I have a food intolerance of some kind, or maybe my body just doesn't react well to processed foods - whatever it is - I don't like it and as much as I love a treat - I am more than happy to get back to my new diet!

So that's it really, just a little update.

I expect to put weight on at my next weigh-in due to a day off, but I am straight back to it. I love my new way of eating and I have noticed so many positive changes. It feels good to be finally taking care of myself.

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  1. I can't wait to get back into exercise and healthy eating. You sound completely on it now and everyone deserves cheats and treats every so often x


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