Sunday, 21 June 2015

Review: Petit Filous Pouches and #summerdaysout

Summer is a time for family fun, outdoor adventures and general together-time for us. I love it when the kids are off school, and with Warren being a teacher he is off school too. We have LOTS of family fun times and enjoy getting out and about with the kids. One thing I do before we go anywhere is pack us a few items for the journey and the day out. This might include nappies, wipes and all of the other usual items - but I also try and pack food and snacks for the kids so that we don't end up paying over-the-odds for snacks while we are out. With the money we save we then buy ice creams or other treats!

With that in mind we were quite keen to try out Petit Filous Pouches. The kids are Petit Filous fans anyway, so we knew that these would be a hit.

We picked up a selection of these from the supermarket, and packed them in our bags for a few summer days out.

We have been on quite a lot of days out already even before school has broken up. Quite often we have a wander to Liverpool Docks, and last week we went to the Mersey River Festival and watched some bands. The sun was beaming down and we just spent time together as a family - it was lovely. We took some of the pouches with us in our bag and put them to the test!

Fun in the park!

The pouches are ideal for your bag. I loved that the cap was re-sealable as Rosie sometimes eats half a yoghurt and then goes back to it later - with the lid on I knew I could just chuck it back in the bag and it would all be fine! The portion size is about right for my kids - they tried all three flavours - I think that the strawberry one was the winner for flavour, although there was no waste! I do like that Petit Filous have 100% natural ingredients and you know that they have Vitamin D and calcium in the product too - a lovely healthy snack to carry out on our summer days!

Overall, we really enjoyed this product. They cost around 79p per pouch, so although it is more expensive than a pack of yoghurts, you are getting the added convenience of the pouch and no faffing around with spoons or half-eaten yoghurts wasted on your day out.

And if the kids behave, eat their healthy lunch and healthy yoghurt snack - there just might be room for ice cream later!

We were sent a voucher to cover the cost of the product to review. All views and words are our own.

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  1. We loved these and it looks like your kids did too! x


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