Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom Weigh-In Week 9


I have no time to say anything except this is the lowest weight I have been since before I met my husband, which is in about 7 years.

Oh and I bought a pair of SIZE 14 SKINNY JEANS. I wore size 14 skinny jeans on our first date. Since then I have pretty much lived in leggings and stretchy dresses.

I will take photos I promise but I am so busy with exam revision. Full update next week, I promise. I might even change the wobbly bottom photo as it is not quite as wobbly now!

Total loss up to now: 1 stone 2½lbs.


Chuffed and frightened of this exam tomorrow!!!


  1. Brilliant Kerrie and good luck for tomorrow! x

  2. You are doing amazingly AND good luck for tomorrow, you'll ace it x


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