Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom Weigh In Week 10

So after me posting a before and after like for like picture on Facebook showing my JAMAZING (yes I said Jam-mazing what of it??) transformation....

...there was the inevitable weight gain

Bloody one and a half pound.

However, I do have a valid excuse. The thought of last week's exam sent terrors right through my little bowel heart and I had some erm......issues last week resulting in my 2 lbs weight loss. So the gain this week is partly because of the "false weight loss" last week but mainly because THIS:

Which is as good an excuse as any to drink all the wine and eat ALL THE STUFF.

Never fear, dear reader. I am straight back on the Slimming World train. I have even started back at the gym - I want to try and give my weight loss a bit of a boost - these past three weeks I've sort-of been cruising along hitting the wall. I need to smash through it and carry on.

I do love the gym. It's peace and quiet compared to our house. I am a total idiot though, naturally. Whatever I do this inner dick just shines through like a diamond.


Straight back to it. See you next week.

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