Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Me and My Bog

I'm Northern so I call the toilet "the bog" on occasion. Sorry/not sorry, etc.

Since I have finished my exams I have realised that I miss my bog. I must spend a lot of time in there. I did wonder. I don't have any toilet problems that I am aware of, I don't need to be in there for any length of time.

Why do I miss the bog?


I hide in there.

I hide from three children who want cheese/ham/water/"that fing up there"

I only hide for a few minutes. I'm not such a terrible parent. That is my breathing time, my space. I have a book in there that I pick up - Post War, great book. You should check it out. I keep it on the toilet window-sil away from the kids - it's a lovely edition and I'd hate for it to get scribbled on.

Oh I know. Reading on the toilet is a bit of a "man thing." Why do men spend so long in the bathroom? The answer: They are on the bog. Hiding. Reading.

And so, now I have no reading to do for uni because school is out for summer. Reading is out for summer and instead of locking myself in the bog with my books I should be out in the sunshine.

But I miss my bog.

So I've decided that, summer or not, on occasion I'll be in my downstairs bathroom. Sat on the bog. Reading my book, just for a few minutes every day.

This is my normal.

My normal :)

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