Monday, 29 June 2015

How to Deal With Your Tween

So this pre-teen age thing really is a THING at the moment. We are muddling through and trying our best. Here is our amazing guide to how to punish your tween to teach them a lesson to improve their selfish and nasty hormone-fuelled behaviour. You too can be the proud owner of a moody, narky pre-teen once every four weeks for about three days.

Here is how to deal with their absolutely unstoppable mood swings:

1. Prevent their access to electrical devices

* There will be no Internet access for xxx days

Tween Response: It's OK because I'll just use the Internet in school - I need it for my homework anyway.

2. Remove their television from their bedroom

* TV will be stored away in the loft  for xxx days.

Tween Response: I'll just come downstairs and watch TV
Reply: You won't. Go to bed.
Tween Response: No.

3. Ground them

* Tween will not leave the house for recreational purposes for xxx days.

Tween Response: I don't care. I'll be getting the bus to school and back so I'll just walk home from the bus stop slow with my mates. You can't stop me.

Reply: GO AWAY.

4. Pocket Money

* Tween will not receive any pocket money or treats for xxx days.

Tween Response: Yeah SAYS WHO!
Reply: Me. I'm your mother. Don't you dare speak to me like that.
Tween Response: For God's Sake!! *storms off upstairs*

5. Ignore Them

* You will ignore all talks with tween until mood swing has passed. 

Tween Response: Mum. MUM. MUm. mUM! mum! MUM! MuM!!!
Reply: *climbs walls*


  1. They have an answer for everything!! lol

  2. You could just stick them under the stairs Harry Potter style! x

  3. Has yours perfected the shrieky voice yet? Mine has - drives me crackers. Cupboard under the stairs is tempting but she moans that her room is already smaller than that and the cupboard would be an improvement. *sigh*


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