Thursday, 21 May 2015

Review: Promise Pets from Build-A-Bear Liverpool One

We were delighted to be asked to go to the Build-A-Bear Workshop in Liverpool One a couple of weeks ago. We were going to try out their new range of adorable Promise Pets. Like most children, ours are always asking for a real cat or a real dog, and seeing as though that is not on the cards for a long time - these Promise Pets look like the next best thing!

We had never visited Build-A-Bear Workshop before so we were so excited to go. The kids' faces were just priceless throughout the whole visit - they loved every minute. First off, we entered the shop and were greeted by friendly and very helpful staff. As we have never been before they explained the process and how it works. Basically, we were going to build our children their own furry friend - each member of staff had their own station and would help us along the way. We couldn't wait to get started.

The first task was to pick the skin for our animals. We let the girls pick their own pets themselves. Emily picked the golden Labrador, Alice picked a white cat, and Rosie picked the black Labrador. Next we had the option of sound effects - we chose to pass on this as the girls like to make their own noises for their toys - however, they had all different sounds to choose from and we had fun playing and listening to them all!

Next, we had to stuff the toys. Build-A-Bear staff were great - they were so encouraging and enthusiastic . Each girl was passed a small heart for their new pets and told to rub it on their heads to give their pet brains and to kiss the heart to give it love. Our girls really enjoyed it. Next the pets were stuffed and expertly sewn - all while we watched!

Once we had our stuffed pets we were free to pick and choose our accessories. I am not kidding when I say that the store has EVERYTHING that you could possibly need for your pet. I love the idea of keeping a pet forever, and then adding new accessories and outfits each birthday or Christmas. They even sold skates and football kits! 

We chose our accessories: leads, mats and feeding bowls. Once we had picked out what we wanted for each pet we got to write them a birth certifcate using the computers. We asked each girl to pick a name for their pet. Emily picked Buddy for her dog. Alice was quick in deciding that her cat would be called Lola, and Rosie being the youngest needed a little bit of help - Emily helped her choose the name Milo.

At the end the pets were given a little box and their birth certificate to keep. We were over the moon with our Promise Pets.

I bet Warren purchases some kind of Everton paraphernalia for them at some point
Our Build-A-Bear experience was brilliant. The kids absolutely loved it. Staff were so helpful and friendly making a fuss over the kids and explaining all about the process and showing them the various accessories. We were there around thirty minutes and left with our very own personalised pets. I am sure that we will be returning at some point for more accessories and outfits for them!

Meet Buddy, Lola and Milo!

We are so glad that we were invited to Build-A-Bear. The children were absolutely a joy to watch. Thanks so much Build-A-Bear!

If you would like your own Build-A-Bear Promise Pet do visit their website for your nearest store or follow them on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news!

We were given the Promise Pets free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and views are my own.

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