Friday, 8 May 2015

Parenting Wins/Fails This Week


* Rosie has shown "interest" in the potty. And by interest I mean sitting on it fully clothed and declaring loudly that she is "doing  a wee"

* Emily has started confiding in me much more. "Well he said that she said this and then I said NO WAY and then she said....."

* Alice said "Mummy all the kids pretend to play with guns in my school - I don't like guns because guns kill people."

* I have managed to sweep the floor EVERY DAY this week

* I submitted my final essay for my degree without too much hassle and without being used as a climbing frame for the kids


The Conservatives have another five year term. 

They will fail my children 100% in every area, of that I am absolutely certain. Education, health and welfare - down the pan for the next five years.

In five years, will the NHS exist?

How much will it cost for my kids to get educated?

Will they have to do community service if they can't find a job?

This is the worst type of fail that will have a devastating effect on poorer families and communities.

Gutted, here.

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