Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Weigh-In Week 6

I have been doing really well, even if I do say so myself! I've been eating lots of different fruit and vegetables that I wouldn't normally - like pak choi, kale and watermelon. I am definitely getting more experimental with my food, and I've stopped writing down what I am eating. I might have to go back to recording - but for now I am happy as I am. I don't feel like I will go out of control or slip back in to old ways. I think I know what I am doing and I am just getting on with it. 

So, this week?

Hurrah. Goodbye to another pound. This was the week where people have actually started to notice that I have lost weight. I have now lost 13lbs all together and I weight less now than I have in about three years. I remember losing weight after I had Alice - I was doing great and managed to get to this weight now before finding out I was pregnant with Rosie - #operationwobblybottom was then abandoned as the weight slowly crept back up.

I feel better. Still loving the plan. I feel a bit sad that it is coming off just one or one and a half pounds a week. However, it's in the right direction. I probably need to get moving more to give myself a boost - but you know what - I'm just coasting along. I'm enjoying being healthier and slowly losing the weight - I'm not hungry or deprived, I'm not killing myself in the gym and I'm happy ticking over. 

Next week I would definitely like to get my stone award - and more if possible. I know that to lose more than a pound I'll need to do a bit of exercise, but I have my exam soon and to be honest, the least amount of stress or worry that I have, the better. I will continue to eat well, try a bit of extra movement but I need to focus on my exam for now and my revision - and if a long walk clears my head, great - if I haven't got time, then so be it.

Slow is better than backwards!



  1. Well done lady! Slow and steady wins the race. This is real, long term proper weight loss! x

  2. Oh that's brilliant, well done! It isn't just weight that you need to be looking at - I bet if you measured yourself you'd see that all those single pounds were having more of an effect than you realise. Here's to the stone next week! x

  3. Atta Girl! Keep going and good luck with exams xx

  4. Slow and steady is good Kerrie! It will stay off that way! You're doing great lady! x

  5. Wahoo, you will definitely get that stone award! Sometimes I think it is good just to coast, like you said you are still enjoying your food and losing weight, so all good!! xx


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