Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Weigh In Week 6

Well - still loving it, still getting on. I've been experimenting with cauliflower rice this week. I know - it sounds horrible, but it's great. I just chop cauliflower up like rice, and replace half of my rice with it. It makes my plate contain more veg and cuts down my rice - it really works and it fills me up.

Cauliflower rice :)

I have stuck to the plan this week with only a slight diversion. I went to a blogging conference on Saturday, and I was really good - I took a packed lunch and an apple and avoided the amazing cake and sandwiches. However, that was where my innocence ended I'm afraid - at 2.00pm the Prosecco was flowing and well...who am I to say no?! Now they say that once you have had a drink all of your inhibitions go out of the window and you start eating loads. For me, this isn't usually the case - I am pretty good. However, when I got home I absolutely wolfed my tea and had a low fat pack of crisps. I also had a TINY BIT of Easter egg.

Aww give me a break, I was a bit drunk. I'd also had no breakfast. This was one of those days where I failed to prepare properly. However, that's life. I picked my poison, and that was wine. I don't get out much so I deserved the treat!

That was just one day - every other day I stuck to the plan.

So for next week?

I am hoping to exercise more, get moving and try and tone up. I am feeling better and if the weight comes off slowly and steadily then that's fine with me. I have lost 12lbs now. It would be nice to lose 2lbs next week to make it one stone.

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  1. I've been seeing the cauliflower rice around a lot but been too nervous to try it. I really need to stop worrying and bite the bullet because everyone seems to be raving about it! Well done on your loss so far and good luck with getting your stone!

  2. I've not been brave enough to try cauliflower rice yet either! Well done on that loss x


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