Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Week 8

So week 8 already - time has flown. I am still enjoying all different kinds of foods and starting to see a real difference in my body shape now. Some of my clothes are starting to hang off me - my upper body has changed shape entirely. I wore this dress at the weekend and it fits lovely - it had previously been a bit of a tight squeeze!

I don't have too many full-length pictures of myself. I suppose I avoid having them taken. I did find this on my camera from February - I was probably at my heaviest here.

I am aware that I still have a way to go on my Slimming World journey - I have lost just over a stone now and thanks to stupid bloody star week just stayed the same weight this week.

I am really happy with how I am progressing and once my exam is out of the way I plan on starting some sort of gym programme. I want to tone and train myself, get fit as well as healthy. 

I am short on time with revising for exams, but I promise that I will write some more about what I've been eating and I might include some recipes too, we really have been eating some great food and packing our diets full of fruit and vegetables. I have more energy and generally feel much better all round.

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  1. I love how you call it star week! You're doing great, maintaining is better than gaining! x


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