Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Week 7

Just a quick one. I have my final exam in two weeks - I am so busy revising, so I was meant to be off blogging until it's done, but I wanted to update you.

Hurrah I have now lost just over a stone!

I was going to give myself a break over these next two weeks and just not put pressure on myself but it seems that Slimming World is working for me even when I am stressed. I haven't been pigging out - I have just been eating more free food to feed my brain!

I promised myself I would do photos after a stone loss so here they are. Sorry about the quality - I have tried to keep all things equal - same dress, etc.

Back - before and after 1 stone loss

I appreciate that I don't look that different. I know that I have at least another stone to go, but I am determined to carry on. The whole stone seems to have come off my shoulders and back - my bottom is still wobbly and I am a bit of an odd shape - but I'll get there in time. 

And in proportion...

I'll be back to normal blogging as soon as my exam has finished. Until then things might be a bit rushed and up the wall.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Don't look much different my wobbly bottom! It's dramatic!!

    1. I have weird saddle bags ha ha !! xx

  2. You look amazing. Well done lovely. Operation wobble bum is working a treat. Xxx

  3. Looking great, keep up the good work :) xx

  4. That/s brilliant, well done. I'm going to try it, Now get back to work! xx

  5. You look a lot different! Well done Kerrie!

  6. You look a lot different! Well done, you! x


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