Saturday, 9 May 2015

On Finishing My Degree

It has been such a long road. I have been studying History now for six years. I submitted my final essay for the Open University just two days ago and I am eagerly awaiting my mark. The six modules that I studied were:

AA100 - Exploring the Arts
DD101 - An Introduction to Social Science
A200 - Exploring History - Medieval to Modern
A218 - History of Medicine
A326 - Empire
A327 - War, Peace and Modernity *Current Module*

I only have an exam to do, and then I am done and it will be party time for me. 

Post Grad

But only for a few weeks - I have signed up to do a Masters at Liverpool. I'll be honest, I am absolutely bricking it with excitement. I feel like I will always be a student. I'm not the cleverest or the wisest, but I always put in my best effort and I am my own worst critic. I have loved studying with the Open University. I can honestly say it has changed my life. This year is a strange one - the prospect of not studying makes me feel scared - I signed up for my Masters as soon as I could.


Funding has always been an issue for me, as it is for most people. I was very lucky in that I signed up to do my degree before the coalition government of 2010 decided to lift the cap on tuition fees. So I have had my degree at a good price. This is a good job, as I don't exactly have masses of savings or an offshore bank account, as nice as the thought is. I work so I pay my own way, usually in instalments. It's the way it is for me, and I am happy that my studying is my treat, I don't spend a lot of money on myself.

Mature Student?

I honestly feel like my studying and my research has not yet begun. I still have a long road ahead of me.  I am so excited to be actually going to uni - it's going to be strange for me. I might feel old. I might feel stupid. (I'll definitely feel stupid.) But it doesn't matter. I'm looking forward to it so much.

And I wouldn't say I'm very mature. I'm pretty old, but not mature!

I feel weird saying that I am about to finish my degree, when I feel like I am just starting. I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave the OU behind. 

I suppose I am confused. But that's normal for me.

As is this:

And will continue to be so. 

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  1. This picture is priceless! I wish it was around when I was telling everyone that I could work from home with my kid here!


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