Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Keeping Fire Safe with #MoreThanFireSafety

Safety in the home is something that we are always concerned about. Having the three children around makes it even more important. I like to think that we do have the bases covered when it comes to safety in the home and especially with the kids. However, we can never be too careful and accidents do happen. More Than have created a little video showing you how you can be safe by preventing fire in the home. This is something that we are quite vigilant with - we do check our smoke alarm regularly, and we do have a "in case of fire" family plan.

Below are some of my safety tips. These are just what we are aware of - do check out More Than's video for some good safety tips and further information. You never can be too careful.


We LOVE candles. However, we like to stay safe and we actually never light them around the kids. We make sure that the candles are in holders, and that we blow them out safely before we go to bed. I suppose it's something that you wouldn't really pay too much attention to - it is only a candle, but naked flames are an obvious fire-safety issue.


I cook using a gas hob with naked flames - it is very important that I am on the ball with this. Of course there have been occasions when my pans have bubbled over and I have ruined many meals by being a bit shall I say...distracted! However, I have always managed to catch this in time, and really it is no laughing matter. As the kids get older it is easier for me to switch off when I need to as the kids are less demanding. This is something that I am getting better at, and I ALWAYS make sure that the gas is off after I have finished cooking,

All four on the go at times!

Emergency Plan

We do have a family plan. I depends on where the fire is, but our plan is that we would grab one baby each and then make our way to Emily's room, smash the window and jump onto the ledge underneath. I know this sounds a bit over the top and a bit Jack Bauer, but I really think making a plan helps - we know our escape routes and have an idea just in case the worst does happen.

Checking Smoke Alarms

Every Sunday. It takes three seconds, and is very annoying. Just do it.

Turning Things Off

We are pretty good for making sure our plugs are switched off. This also saves energy and money too - something that we are quite keen on.

So - I hope these tips have helped. Staying safe with our kids is really important - the devastation that a fire in the home can cause is awful - if we all take just a few minutes to make some simple checks, test the smoke alarm, we can minimise the risk and help to keep our loved ones safe.

This post was written in collaboration with More Than. All words and views are my own.

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