Friday, 1 May 2015

From Cot To Bed...

This post was written in conjunction with Room to Grow. All words and views are my own.

There comes a time when you have to start thinking about the sleeping arrangements for the kids. Our time is coming up. Currently we have the two babies sharing a bedroom. The room is quite large so they do have plenty of space - Alice is in her "Big Girl Bed" and Rosie sleeps directly opposite in her cot. Just recently Rosie has started asking about having a bed too. She has just turned two so she is not quite ready for a bed - but it is something that we are starting to think about.

There are options for us. We could get her a little single bed like Alice's. Alice loves her bed. She has her favourite Frozen-themed bedding on it and a rail so that she can't fall. She is a good sleeper too so we don't really have too many issues with her getting out of bed. On occasion she does sneak into our room and gets in with us for a snuggle - but that's all cool with us! If we got Rosie a bed it would lie directly opposite Alice's.

A Good-Night Kiss x :)

We could also maybe think about bunk beds. This would save room and would be nice for them to share. I am sure that one of them would love climbing a little ladder every night to get into bed! They could also have matching bedding and that would be very sweet.

Another option would be a bed with storage for one or both of them. Loft beds from Room to Grow look great. They have a lot of different styles with many storage solutions - some of them even have desks underneath. We have a cabin-type bed for Emily and this works really well. This might be something that we choose to consider in the future.

However, for now at least, we have decided that Rosie can stay in her cot. She is warm and safe. It takes up very little room and she is cosy. The biggest benefit, however, is that she can't get out!! Not yet anywa. Once that changes then it may be time to start thinking seriously about their bedroom arrangements!

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  1. Hiya Kerrie. My boys have been in Bunkbeds for 2 years now. when we got them the boys would of been 3 & 5. Prior the both had singles. Now the both insist with sleeping together or getting up in the middle of night and sleeping in my bed. Cheeky pair. Its like a game of Musical Beds. Good Luck with whatever you decide. Just wait until Rosie twigs how to climb out. xx


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