Friday, 29 May 2015

Exam Revision HELL

When you are revising for exams time stands still.

Nothing else matters.

You'd lock yourself away and thoroughly absorb yourself in your studies.

But you have three kids and a job and a life and a home.

So you can't.

Alice wants you to get her some cheese.

Emily wants to argue about something or other or ANYTHING.

And Rosie thinks that she quite fancies potty training. So she whips off her own nappy and does a dump on the living room floor.

And you have to go to work.

You think you might shave your legs, but you won't you'll save it until after your exam.

You might be going mad.

Pictures included.

"Can I do a degree if I have kids?"

Don't ask me.



  1. Ah, you are nearly there - it will all be worth it!

  2. Keep going! You are an inspiration! Good luck! It will all be worth it x

  3. It must be so hard! My brain is good for nothing after dealing with the family so I admire you massively. BEST OF LUCK!! xxx


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