Friday, 8 May 2015

Blog On 2015 - Blogging and Belonging

Last week I went to one of my favourite blogging conferences Blog On in Manchester. I went last year ane met loads of other bloggers - some of whom I now consider good friends! I was so excited to go - it's a chance for bloggers to meet up, chat, schmooze with some brands-type people and also learn a lot about blogging itself!

Them's me best handwriting....

Hungry House supplied us with this absolutely gorgeous cake that I have on good authority was lovely. However, Operation Wobbly Bottom is still on, so I swerved the cake and went for wine instead....of course...

Gorgeous Nicola from Monsters Fun House

Me and Phillipa from Sounding Like My Mother - we were the naughty ones wagging the last class and drinking wine, along with Ally - Messed up Mum and Emma-Louise - Emma-Lou Look At You

My Highlights

* Nickie O'Hara - From Typecast. Nickie gave us some good tips on blog organisation and making videos

* The cake looked amazing. But I didn't eat any. #operationwobblybottom is a-go

* Advanced Blogging Skills - Turns out I am not as advanced as I thought ha ha.

* Lorraine from The Un-Cheshire Wife reading her brilliant poem about blogging

* Ooh Co-Op Prosecco. Lots of. Sorry/Not Sorry

You can tell as my photographs get blurry that I might have consumed a bit too much wine. But it was all good fun!

Me, Jane and Nicola
The brands that were there were great - we left with an enormous bag full of goodies, which the kids promptly raided as soon as I got home!

The best thing for me about blogging is the friends that I make and the time that I spend with them, reading their blogs and getting to know them. They make me feel like I belong,  I don't have to pretend or worry that I am going to trip up or that my knickers will be stuck in my dress. Bloggers "get" me, and I like to think I get them too. We all just sort of accept each other for who we are and what we do. It's such a brilliant supportive community. I had such a fantastic day, got the train home with Ally from Messed Up Mum and fell asleep on my suitcase. There is photo knocking round of that on Instagram somewhere.

Had an absolute ball. Can't wait until next year BLOG ON is BOSS. Thanks to Laura from Tired Mummy of Two for organising, she does a great job.


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  1. The reason we all get you is coz we're all you but try to pretend to be someone else, I love that you're just who you are and are confident in doing so! Funniest person I've met for years, flipping love u! Had a boss day :) x

  2. I didn't know you lot wagged the last session, me & Claire would have joined you, Fab day haha xx

  3. Okay off topic but I love your dress! I spotted it on another bloggers photos and thought you looked super cute x

  4. I seem to be getting a bit of a reputation! Oops ;). I get what you mean about being accepted and I loved spending time with you and the girls on Sat. We should definitely do it more often. xx (thanks also for using a picture of me before I got too shiny/wasted)

  5. Cheers for the mention - glad you enjoyed my session(s). I'm definitely returning to BlogOn next year and I intend to come on the train so I can also drink wine!

  6. Cheers for the mention - glad you enjoyed my session(s). I'm definitely returning to BlogOn next year and I intend to come on the train so I can also drink wine!


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