Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Toddler Teeth-Brushing For National Smile Month!

This post was written for National Smile Month. All words and views are my own.

National Smile month begins on 18th May - smiles are not something that we are generally short of in this house. The children are so funny - you might have noticed on some of my blog photographs in the past - whenever I say "Smile!" or "Say Cheese!" with my iPhone or camera pointing at them - they all pull a really strange cartoon-like smile. It makes me laugh. If I want to get a more natural smile from them for photographs I have to catch them unawares!

Exhibit A (cartoon smile!)
I love their smiley faces, which is why I think it is so important for the children to be taught to brush their teeth from a young age. We encourage them to brush their teeth once in the morning and once at night. It can be difficult to get them to comply, but we have managed to get them into a good routine. They have their little Peppa Pig or cartoon toothbrushes and they follow our instruction. They sometimes do it in the bath - they can't escape our instructions in the bath! Rosie has a wide handled toothbrush but she has not quite mastered using it - we tend to intervene with Rosie and give her a helping hand.

To be honest, it's the eldest who we have the most problems with teeth-brushing. I find myself constantly asking her if she has brushed her teeth properly. I think it is because we know that she is going to have some work done next year. Her teeth are quite crooked and the orthodontist has said that from next year she will have to wear a brace once all of her baby teeth have fallen out. I had years of having a brace and I know how difficult it can be to take care of your teeth with a brace on - brushing in all of the crevices takes more time with a brace. This is why I am quite keen that she gets into good habits now and doesn't get lazy with it.

I have to have some work done on my teeth soon too. I have to have a filling on the front of my teeth - the brace I had when I was younger was not the best - when they removed it they scraped the enamel from my teeth and it has gradually worn away. Once I have had the fillings I will then need to have them whitened so that they are all the same colour - I'll be honest I am not looking forward to undertaking all this, but I suppose it will have to be done - when my finances will allow it of course. The Centre of Advanced Dentistry Yorkshire offers all kinds of treatments for teeth, including whitening. This is something that I will have to read up on when I decide to undergo the treatment.

Oral health is very important - to me and my children. We will be keeping up with our teeth-brushing and dentist appointments to keep our smiles looking tip-top - cartoon ones or otherwise!

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  1. LP and Little Man love cleaning their teeth at the moment, I'm just hoping it continues! x


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