Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Sun Newspaper

Have you seen this?

The vile specimen Katie Hopkins has been mouthing off again. Normally I ignore this crap. She doesn't deserve the publicity she gets, and her opinions are attention seeking fodder. Ignoring attention seekers should be the way forward, but this can't be ignored.

This is inciting racial hatred and promoting violence against "these migrants" as she so eloquently put it. I'm not going ramble on about this woman. She is as dull as dishwater and I can see her meeting an awful sticky end.

However, what I am going to rant about is that useless excuse for a newspaper, The Sun. The very same bestselling newspaper in the UK with circulation figures of around 2m.



It's the best-selling newspaper in the UK.

The Sun have also published this "news":

"Straight Sex Can Not Give You Aids" (1989)

The infamous Hillsborough front cover (1989)

The support of Thatcher in her anti-society prime

"1,200 people killed by mental patients" (2013)

and also had several journalists arrested over corrupt payments to police and other officials in 2012.

I don't buy this newspaper. There is so much wrong with it I can't even begin or be bothered. The thought of the News of The World also makes me sick.

I don't support anything it stands for. If you buy The Sun, then you are, in a way, keeping it alive and funding all of this crap. Including Katie Hopkins.

Don't buy The Sun.


  1. Bravo. I still have the sickening memories of the front cover after my two brothers and Dad tried to come to terms with all they had witnesses at Hillsborough. If that is the sort of "news" it publishes I am so glad I have never even touched the paper for 26 years xx

  2. Well said! I keep seeing people attack Kate Hopkins over this and I think the point is being missed. She says some horrible things but there will always be people who say horrible things. What is far crazier in my mind is that she is being published by a national newspaper.


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