Friday, 10 April 2015

Review: Brewers Fayre Chapel Brook, Huyton

We love taking the kids out for dinner (as if you didn't already know!) and we were delighted to be asked to visit Brewers Fayre in Chapel Brook - this is a quick car ride away from our house - perfect for an afternoon out with our lot.

Like a lot of families we like to try and get out and about in the Easter break - Brewers Fayre is ideal for a lovely affordable lunch or dinner - chuck in refillable drinks, some lovely food, a Play Zone and we have three happy kids and as we know, the golden rule: if the kids are happy then so are we!

The refillable drinks are great - I had two coffees and Emily had about three diet cokes. They were served from the dispensers that you use yourself so this was really handy - no faffing around.

The food itself was spot-on. I loved the menus at Brewers Fayre - there is plenty of choice, a huge variety of sides, salads, mains, or even just snacks. I chose the Chicken and Bacon Salad - (sticking to my Slimming World, of course!) Warren ordered the Spicy Chicken Ciabatta. The kids menu was also great - they can mix and match their sides and have the options of starter and dessert in with the meal. The two babies both chose macaroni and cheese with garlic brad (their favourite) and Emily chose a burger with some tomato soup as a starter. (She must have been hungry!) We also ordered a side of onion rings - these were demolished in about five seconds flat by my lot!

We loved the food. We ate most of the food - the babies usually can't eat a full plate so we let them off - the portion sizes on the kids meals were generous and great for the price.

After the meal - of course we had to visit either a) The Play Zone - and indoor play area with tunnels and ball pools - or b) The outside play area. As it was a lovely sunny day we opted to take them to play outside, and in any case, Rosie was already running for the door as soon as she had eaten enough!

All three girls were excited to be playing on the climbing frames and sliding down the slides!

The cost of the meal came to just over £30 for the five of us, that was with drinks included. I think this is a great price - the menu even offered two meals for £10 on some of the meals. Sadly this did not include my salad, and there was no way I was deviating from my plan! I think that the cost was great for all of us - we spent a good couple of hours there eating and playing in the sunshine over dinner time. The kids had a ball - I'd definitely recommend it. The indoor Play Zone also looked great for the kids. This would be great when the weather turns - the cost was £2 per child for an hour, which again I thought a fair price.

We really enjoyed our day out, and will definitely be returning at some point. If you fancy a meal out over the Easter period I would definitely recommend Brewers Fayre. Lovely, affordable food with plenty of things to entertain the kids.

We were sent a voucher to cover the cost of our meals. All words and views are my own.


  1. I have never been to a Brewers Fayre - really must change that, the food looks great! x

  2. Your eldest looks the image of you!! We love Brewers Fayre for meals with our girls - You just know what you are getting x


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