Sunday, 26 April 2015

Our Family's Normal

When I read about family traditions it makes think "yeah whatever." People like reading books together and playing Monopoly and bla bla bla, I have this uncontrollable aversion to all things painted as picture-perfect - life is just not like that really is it.

However, when I start thinking about my own family - it is not all that different. We also have our family traditions, and our normal usual quirks. So, here is our normal - just a few examples. I'm sure you have your own too.

The Gravy Situation

Most Sundays we have a roast dinner. About half an hour before it is plated out, I have the kids "test" the gravy. I spend a while making it fresh, I thicken it with cornflour and make it thick and rich. I put a ladle into a bowl for the kids and ask them to check that it's OK. They say nothing, wolf the lot and ask for seconds.

*proud Mum-face*

Chief Gravy Testers
Bed Time

We have a good routine with the babies. Bath, cuddles, singing, story, bed.

Our latest "thing" is to dry them on Alice's bed, cover them in "snow" (talc) and get their pyjamas on. Then I tell them to lie down together nicely on the bed. Then I sing softly

When all the Mummy's are sleeping
And the sun has gone to bed...

And at this point, both girls jump up laughing, holding each other's hands and mine as we sing the rest of Jingle-Jangle scarecrow together - both of them bouncing on the bed.

They go to bed as normal, then.

Alice Bedtime Snacks

Alice likes a bedtime snack. This is always a) Cheese or b) Ham

She is "Cheesy Alice" or "Hammy Alice"

If we forget the cheese supper, we might hear little footsteps coming down the stairs, she opens the living room door and says "Mummy! You forgot my cheese!"

Weekend Mornings

We don't lounge around in bed at weekends much. Well, to be fair - I tend to lie in more than my husband - but I stay up later. However, when the kids get up around 8am, they get in bed with us, and they say "Mummy can we have your phone?"

So I let them watch fully grown adults on Youtube unwrapping egg surprises and blind bags. It keeps them amused for about half an hour and means we can all cuddle in bed for a bit, (until Warren gets fed up being kicked and pushed out of bed and goes downstairs for some peace).

Red Wine

Me and Warren have to have THE WINE. Not much. Just some.


  1. Awww Kerrie, can I come and live at your house. It sounds lovely :) xx

  2. Pah to 'normal'.... one of our family traditions on bank holiday Monday's is to 'go for a little walk down the nature reserve'; we never say, let's head to Jackson's Boat and have a little drink while we ignore our childre playing in the park bit or climbing trees, it's funny we always say 'head out for a little walk'. Also, if it weren't for The Red Wine... anarchy would ensue!

  3. aww what a fun house you live in!


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