Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Weigh-In Week 5



This week has not gone to plan. And by plan - I mean the numbers have just let me down. My food has been great - stuck to the plan. Wine - may have had a few wines, but I counted them all in, even managed a few little walks out and drank more water this week.

However, I think - judging by the size of my abdomen at the minute I can safely put this little gain down to "star week." I thought that I had got that out of the way last week, but seems that was just a little pre-period water retention. This is just a bloody nightmare - feels like everything I have eaten and drank is just stuck, but such is life.

I have honestly eaten some amazing food this week - I am still loving the plan.

Still managing loads of speed food, loads of fruit and veg.

Spot the odd one out...
I made the cake for Emily for school - not one bit crossed these lips - I promise. Pictured above are prawn stir fry with pak choi, the forbidden cake(!), home-made coleslaw and pasta, sweet potatoes and salad - all good stuff, every meal.

I did good. I would be honest if I had cheated.

I did have my wine - that is my little treat and I know that I have to be careful with that. I will be bearing this in mind this week. I plan on a little tipple on Saturday and on Sunday with it being Bank Holiday. I aim to avoid alcohol for the rest of the week - I have an essay to write anyway so I should be getting in with that instead of supping wine!!!

So it's only half a pound - no big deal. But it was always going to be disappointing seeing a gain. However, I am not looking at this as a negative - my body is bloated, I just need to stay positive. Overall in 4 weigh-ins I have lost 10lbs. This is great news. Really close to a stone now - I have just to keep doing what I am doing.

I stayed to class tonight. I had planned on staying anyway - I can't always make it as I do have a lot on but I aim to stay at least once every other week if I can - it really does help chatting and the support is fab.

I bought the Fakeaway Takeaway recipe book tonight so I am looking forward to trying out some of these recipes. As I said, we're all eating much better and much healthier than we were before. I bet we have also saved a few quid along the way - we don't have take-aways any more and all the crappy biscuits and snacks are cut out. 

So...it's a gain for this week, but I am aiming to get back on track with a good loss next week. 4lb would be great - 2lb would be more realistic, so either of those would be good for me for next week and get me back on track.

I just need to get rid of this bloat - it's driving me mad!

Or as my husband so sweetly put it... "Maybe you just need a big dump..."

If you would like to join me in #operationwobblybottom visit Slimming World's website here to have a read around and join me on my little path.


  1. He's not wrong - you could easily poo 0.5lb. It will come off next week x

  2. It's only half a pound. Onwards and upwards! x


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