Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Slimming World Weigh-In #2

So - week two of Slimming World has come and gone. Time is flying by!

I have a brilliant new Slimming World Recipe Book, and it has been fabulous. We have cooked all different filling, colourful and delcious recipes. It is so easy and we have all been enjoying this lovely food - makes a great change from bolognaise and stir frys, which is what we used to live off!

Here are a few photos of what we have been cooking this week - Warren has been great also getting involved in the cooking while he has been off for half term.

I also went out this week with my friends, and was pretty good - ordering a yummy chargrilled chicken salad. I am trying to keep all of my meals syn-free so that I can have my little treats. I have had more wine than I would like on a diet this week. Easter holidays and indeed any school holidays always feel like treat time - Warren is off so shares the housework and kid-duties and everything relaxes around here. So we have been having the odd couple of wines here and there, but I have counted them in - I have not let myself feel out of control, which I think it very important. Everything I eat now is considered - I take more time over my planning, cooking, shopping - everything. I find that food has now become more enjoyable, and my fruit and veg intake has probably doubled.

So, how did I do?


This wobbly bottom has now lost 9½ lbs in two weeks. Which is pretty bloody fantastic even if I do say so myself.

We are having a few days away this week at a lovely cottage in Norfolk, but I have planned my breakfasts and dinners, and the evening meal will be a treat - a sensible treat - I want to keep on with this way of eating and keep on with what I am doing.

With less wine this week.



If you would like to join me in #operationwobblybottom visit Slimming World's website here to have a read around and join me on my little path.


  1. Well done lovely, great loss! The new SW book is great isn't it? We had baked spinach cannelloni tonight and it was delicious and completely free :) Have a good week x

    1. Oooh we've not tried that one yet - definitely one for next week. Thanks lovely! :) x

  2. You are doing amazingly! Woop! Yay for smaller wobbly bottoms! x

  3. Brilliant! Well done Kerri! I hope you you all have a great break away x

  4. Well done gorgeous girl. I've just sat and eaten half a Cadbury buttons Easter egg. Oops. Was bloody delicious though. Could have been worse & eaten the whole lot! Ha! I don't do slimming world, but regularly use their recipes! They're fab! :-) Really enjoying following your journey, inspiring me to get these final 8lbs off! *no more chocolate!*

    1. COR to chocolate! I do love the recipes. Looking forward to just browsing the website and nosing at other people's blogs and stealing their recipes ha ha :) x


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