Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Slimming World Weigh In #1

How exciting - a first weigh in.

What I loved about this week was the variety of food that I have eaten. I would definitely say I have eaten more food than I normally would - but more of the good stuff. A typical day has been:

* Banana, yoghurt and bran flakes for breakfast
* Tuna pasta salad for dinner with an apple or tangerines
* Chicken stir fry with noodles and loads of super speedy veg

In between I have been snacking on fruit and drinking coffee and tea with milk from my Healthy Extra Option - put plainly, I have never gone hungry. I also managed some wine at the weekend.


 I didn't eat pasta pasta pasta every night ha ha, this is over the week

I have also loved the fact I have been cooking every night - different foods and recipes. I made a gorgeous pasta sauce made from lots of super free veg, roasted and blended with tomatoes. It's freezable too so handy to throw over pasta - and also great to hide vegetables in sauces for the kids! If you want any recipes or anything just ask - I am happy to post any recipes that I pick up along the way!

Of course this week there were many many possible ways for me to stray - especially with it being Easter. But I recorded them on Facebook and vowed never to be assuaged in this way by all the evil people I live with:

So...what was the verdict? Well, a picture always says it best I think. A wobbly-bottom picture.

I was very chuffed. The first week of a routine-change usually shows the biggest weight loss. So next week I am looking for another 2lbs and to get to my half-a-stone. 

Like I said, I will do this. Because, where there is wine, there is a way, people. 

*flexes muscles*

If you would like to join me in #operationwobblybottom visit Slimming World's website here to have a read around and join me on my little path.


  1. Fantastic first weigh in, brilliant! Well done x

  2. The food you have been eating sounds delicious! Well done you x

  3. Well done that's amazing. I am joining slimming world this week I need to get rid of my baby fat as I still look pregnant and he is seven months old. x

  4. Jesus woman that's epic!! You must have been SO chuffed with yourself!! x

  5. 6.5lb?!?!?!? Blimey you know how to start things with a bang! Go you! x

  6. Wonderful!! Soon, your bottom will get too small to write on!!! :)

  7. That's amazing! What a amazing loss for your first week, well done!! xx


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