Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Cake to End All Cakes!!

I baked a rainbow cake for Rosie's birthday.

Now I am not a baker. I am more of a now-and-again baker, who sometimes gets it right. And this one was great! 

It has 10 eggs and a whole world of butter, so defo not for the calorie-conscious among us!!

Check out our pics!

There are loads of PRETENDERS to the food blogging throne. A couple of my favourites are Helen from Casa Costello and also Helen from The Crazy Kitchen. Bloody Helens trying to take over. 

Check out how our cake turned out PROPER PROFESSIONAL and that - OK, I concede that my piping is a bit SHOUTY but I've never piped before so I think I'm an actual natural.

Well, anyway. OBVIOUSLY now I have been crowned some sort of baking genius and all is well with the world. I've even been allowed to join Foodies100, the food blogging rankings, and look what they did.

I think I made their rankings explode.


  1. Fantastic! I want my own #betterthanberry badge. Your cake is great - I tried it once and didn't put enough colouring in - just looked like it was going mouldy.

  2. Your cake looks absolutely amazing. I am so impressed, no sarcasm just amazed at the cake. You are a super mum! x

  3. The gorgeousesttttt cake ever! Well done!!

  4. Wow looks amazing to me! Well done! Xx

  5. Oh you do make me howl! I reckon Foodie should have a whole new category of 'awesome' just for you. From now you can be an honorary Helen! See you tmrw! X


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