Saturday, 28 March 2015

Our Visit to SEA LIFE Manchester

We were delighted to be asked to attend a premiere of SEA LIFE Manchester's CLAWS exhibit. We have never been before with the kids - we thought that Rosie had been a little bit young to appreciate it until now - so this was perfect timing for us.

The new exhibition showcases some of the crusty creatures of the deep - crabs! As well as the new exhibit there are also a number over 5,000 marine creatures at SEA LIFE, a lot of whom have been rescued by the centre themselves.

We began the exhibit with a really brilliant talk by a member of the team - explaining about turtles and their journey from birth to adulthood. This was lovely - the visuals were stunning and our girls really enjoyed it too.

I loved that the Centre has a lot of interactive educational points for children. The space itself is also fun for children as they can crawl under tunnels to see the Clown Fish (Nemo, of course!)
Alice loved crawling into a viewing dome to see the fish swim around her head

She also loved finding Nemo!

We were excited to try and spot Ernie the turtle, who had been rescued by the Centre. He is big and wasn't afraid to come and swim close to the glass!

We also saw the sharks, but they were a little quicker and harder to capture on camera!

The children were fascinated. We were there for around two hours and they behaved pretty well. Rosie likes to run off at every opportunity usually, but for the most part of these two hours she stayed with us as we explained the different types of fish.

Rosie was brave enough to touch the crabs! - Alice was a little bit more reserved.

Playing in the sand

I really appreciated the Centre's commitment to conservation and caring for the environment in the Manchester area. 

If you visit, you can also do a Sea Trek - which is where you walk along the bed of the tank with all of the sea creatures swimming around you. I am not brave enough for that so I skipped it, but it's something that Warren and Emily said they might like to get involved in next time. The people who did do the Sea Trek were raving about how fantastic it was.

I'd like to thank SEA LIFE for inviting us. We had an absolute ball. All of the staff were friendly and very knowledgeable and made sure that we had a great time, whist being kept informed and educating us a little along the way! 

If you do visit, book online in advance as you will save money on the tickets - the price is also very reasonable and there are concessions available.

Visit SEA LIFE's website

And follow them on Twitter for the latest updates @SEALIFEManc


  1. I love a sealife centre, what a great day out! x

  2. It looks like a fantastic day out...We haven't been to the sea life center for years x


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