Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Our DFDS Mini Cruise!

As you can imagine things can get very hectic for us at home. With final exams coming up, essay deadlines coming out of my ears and a million books to read, I have been feeling quite frazzled. The last few weeks have been particularly difficult - which is why I welcomed a mini cruise to Amsterdam with DFDS seaways with open arms!

Me and Emily decided to hop on board at Newcastle for an overnight crossing, then planned to spend the day in Amsterdam to visit the Anne Frank Museum - back on the boat for another overnight crossing and then back home! The plan was to just completely chill the actual frig out. That is what I have been desperate for and it really did the trick!

First of all, we drove to Newcastle - which is a bit of a trek from Liverpool, but it was a bit like a road trip for me and Emily. We set off early and got there in plenty of time. 

Checking in was easy and we were on the boat and packing our things in our cabin in no time!

Our cabin was a basic twin cabin with bunk beds. It was comfy and clean - small, but it was perfect for us. We didn't spend long in there - we showered and got ready and set out to explore the ship!

The first thing Emily wanted was a Blueberry muffin, and seeing as though we were sort-of on our holidays, I obliged. On board is a small children's play area, and quite a few places to eat and drink. There was also a cinema, as well as a bar on the top deck. We didn't actually go on the top deck as it was very breezy, but we saw lots of people taking the opportunity to use their selfie-sticks (I wouldn't even know where to begin with one of these!)

The first evening was pretty busy! The boat was filled with stag and hen do's. First of all we ate at the boat's restaurant - it was a lovely buffet with some of the best food I have eaten. Even Emily took the opportunity to try new things...

There were gorgeous cheeses, meat, fresh fruit and also fresh bread made on board straight from the bakery. 

The evening was very busy. We stayed in the main bar area where a band played. There was also a quieter lounge area with a solo singer, but we preferred to sit where it was a bit busier. 

We even got a bit dolled up for the night time. It had been a luxury to have the bathroom to myself for an hour!

We obviously took selfies. I have about a million selfies on my phone because Emily wanted lots and lots - these were the best ones because we just kept pulling weird faces.

The bars were very busy, full of crowds, and after a while we decided to retire to bed - it was a little bit too much for us, after all Emily is only eleven and we had the day in Amsterdam to look forward to.

In the morning we had our breakfast buffet. Eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit - whatever you wanted it was there. 

We were stuffed as we made the way off the boat and into Amsterdam itself.

We have been to Amsterdam twice before. I do like the city. The Anne Frank House is a must-visit for me, even though I have been a few times before. We were going to visit the Dutch Resistance Museum but we were stuck for quite a while in the queue for the Anne Frank House so we were a bit pushed for time.

Once back on the boat we again had a lovely buffet dinner with all kinds of treats and goodies. I loved the little mini-desserts and the service was spot-on.

The crossing home was a little quieter. Stag and Hen do's were nowhere to be seen and we had an all together chilled out night. We played Bingo in one of the bars and had a couple of drinks before heading off to bed at a decent time. The aim was to do no cleaning, no cooking and just relax - and that was what we did!

I would recommend this trip. Our room was £79 for the crossing - which is really cheap. DFDS provided us with complimentary meals in exchange for this review. The food was absolutely spot-on, I would recommend that you pre-book your meals as you save money and guarantee your table.

The only downside I would say was that it was very busy on the Friday night crossing. If you are going on a stag or hen do then brilliant - but maybe a midweek break might have been a bit better in hindsight with me having Emily in tow.

All in all, we had a brilliant trip - it was just what I needed. I got home feeling refreshed and happy to see my babies and to get back to work!!

For more information about DFDS mini cruises visit their website http://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/

You can also catch them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dfdsseawaysuk

Or follow their updates on Twitter @DFDSSeaways

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  1. I didn't even know you could get on a ship to Amsterdam! How awesome. Looks like a fab way to relax x


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