Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Mid-30s Face

I will be 33 in a few months.

I am a working mother of three young children. So, actually technically definitely an adult. I am no longer ticking the 18-24 box in surveys and I mostly sit in on Friday nights and drink red wine.

Just lately I have been looking at my face. Like really looking at it. We are the Instagram generation, we filter photographs or we pose them. Social media teaches us to gloss over the cracks - to show ourselves at our best.

Or we do that weird pout face where everything is just so right. And totally weird as well.

That's not for me.

I have these lines emerging on my face. They are small cracks around my eyes. My cheeks have a concertina of furrows, deep and just, well... there. Advertising scares me. Do I need anti-wrinkle cream? I need to keep my face straight. If I take a photo do I have to keep my face immaculately still like the photos above? Do I have to trowel on the make-up and make my face look like a different face?

If I take a photo that is less than perfect then should I hide it and pretend it never existed? What are we afraid of? We can't turn back the time, things are as they are. The alternative to getting old is pretty bleak, so let's just embrace it.

These are all photos of my mid-30s face. I'm not obsessed by myself. Or my face. I took some naked ones in the bath inspired by Kate from The Naked Mum. I tried to pixelate the whole areola area and failed and then decided not to use them online. ( I know, I know... I can hear you booing... )
My mid-30s body is not pert. It's not toned, or tanned. It's not slim or youthful. It's not even fit (in the whole boring sweaty-gym sense of the word.) But it's bloody fantastic. When you look down at your body you see something different. It looks hunched and sloped. Droopy and wobbly. Look at it through a lens, through another pair of eyes - you'll see a different view, a different angle. It's a revelation.

And still, the cracks are very much there. I am a mid-thirties woman. I am happy with my face and my own ageing. You know what makes me happy? Those lines you see, those cracks, those imperfections that everyone is so desperate to get rid of... they tell me that I have lived. They tell me that I have laughed harder than you can imagine. They are proof of how full my life is, and actually, how happy I am, and they can stay.

So, mid thirties - come and get me.


  1. I bloody love this post. As a mid-thirties Mum myself I've been noticing the lines and the new ones lately too. Age is certainly catching up with me!!! We still look hot as hell though! ;) x

  2. You are beautiful and funny too - which makes you very special.

    1. Very high praise indeed lovely. Much love to you Kate xxx

  3. I'm a late thirties mum and have decided to go grey. I'm very grey under my hair dye but I'm totally sick of trying to be something I'm not. So I hear ya sista! ;)

    1. Yes! We can do whatever makes us happy - that's the point. Good on you, dyeing my hair drives me mad!!! :)

  4. I love your face too!! Cannot wait to see it again and maybe even have a drinky or two. That would be awesome! Here's to our 30+ faces! x


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