Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dear Formula Feeding Mother - HURRAH FOR FORMULA FEEDING!!!

You didn't breast feed. Even though you knew it was best. The words "breast in best" echo in your head over and over like  some weird twisted mantra. There are many reasons why you didn't breast feed. Or one. Probably from this list:

* You had a caesarean and found it difficult
* You had a difficult birth and Group strep B infection, again, difficult
* You couldn't breastfeed because of an illness
* You just didn't want to

The thing that all of these reasons have in common in the fact that You Didn't Breastfeed.

In your head you hear it over and over. You FAILED. How could you be so selfish and not try harder? That milk is like LIQUID GOLD to your baby and you denied your child. You should have persevered, you should never have given up. The government even considered PAYING women to breastfeed - THAT is how good breastfeeding is, don't YOU KNOW THAT.

Now take a deep breath.

All of that is sh*t.

You feed your baby however which way you want to feed them. Baby formula is an absolute WONDER, in my opinion.


I am sure you are very glad that people who breastfeed do it and persevere to give their babies the best. I am sure you are completely happy about that. You, like me, probably think that mothers should be able to feed their baby anywhere and being told to feed in toilets is ridiculous. Free the boob, and feed your child.

So, Formula Feeder, as we appreciate breast feeding is amazing, so too do we acknowledge that formula feeding is also amazing. You are feeding your child, the way that you have chosen. Child is happy and content. Tender, loving bond is there.

This is not a condolence letter. This is a letter of WELL DONE. You have a tiny human, and you are caring for that tiny human in the best way that you can.

And when that tiny human is bigger, they will most likely eat McDonald's Happy Meals or some other sh*te, just like breastfed babies will.

And what is the difference then?


  1. I love your way of thinking. It really doesn't matter does it?! x

  2. Very well said!! Fantastic!! :D x

  3. You bottle fed AND take your kids to McDonalds? Someone call social services NOWWWWWW

  4. I have loved reading all of posts i've seen today about this damn article. Yet another way to make mother feel like they have failed. My daughter was hospitalized as I felt SO pressured by the hospital breastapo despite the fact that I wasn't making any milk whatsoever due to the most horrendous internal infection. I'll still never forgive myself for not putting my foot down sooner and feeding my daughter how I wanted and how I needed to. If it wasn't for formula even existing I dread to think what would have happened to her. Isn't it terrible I still feel like I have to justify my decision every time articles like the one yesterday are pubslihed?!
    Thank you for writing such an honest post on an unnecessarily taboo topic xx

    1. There is too much pressure, I had a tough time if it too. Formula made everything better for us! Thanks for your comment love - there have been some great blog posts about this lately. Mothers standing and supporting each other together - and that's brilliant to see :) x


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