Monday, 16 February 2015

What Facebook Has Taught Me

Like many I confess that I spend too much time on social media, especially Facebook. I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing, in fact it has been quite educational, and as a student, this is all totally relevant to my life. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that Facebook has taught me all of the important life lessons that I will ever need.

So here they are:

* There is such a thing as RL (real-life) friends. Problem is my Internet friends outnumber them by about 500-1. Interesting. #popularnotpopular

* Any quote can be motivational when put on a starlit background 

*  Yep, you guessed it...Some people are full of sh*t.

* There are more racists and UKIP supporters out there than I thought possible. The sharing of war hero pictures to trash minorities shows ignorance and disrespect all round. This makes ME MAD.

* Old profile photos are confusing. If you don't look like that in RL and I bump into you then I am going to be confused, you'll be upset at confusion and sh*t's going to get weird because you are an Internet friend and now I've bumped into you in RL and I can't just tick Like, I have to talk to you. #awkward

* The most frustrating phrase ever known is "I'll PM you hon" JUST TELL US!!

* Everyone in the world absolutely definitely has a better social life than me

* I will never understand the fascination with cat photos

* Everyone in the world definitely goes on holiday more than me

* ALL THE KIDS in the world get the best school reports EVER except mine

* It's probably cold and people are generally tired

* If you didn't wish your best friend happy birthday on Facebook, then it never happened. You are in deep sh*t.

* The fact that there is not a 'dislike' button is probably a good thing

* Two words, people. LIFE HACKS. 100s of them. I don't know how I managed to live without realising that the little hole in the ring of coke cans is where you put the straw. My life is now perfect, thanks Facebook.

* I am not alone in my weirdness. There are 6,405 other people who also like this page:

So there you go. What have we learned today?



  1. You made me laugh all the way! So thats what the little hole in the ring of coke is used for!! :D x

  2. I don't know about RL, but in the vitual world, you are Hilarious with a capital H :-)

  3. Ha thanks for making me laugh. I didn't actually realise the thing about the coke ring........ x

  4. Oh I do love you Kerrie. Totally am feeling a weeny bit knackered and I had to wear a jacket out earlier :D

  5. That starry quote is totes motivational! x

  6. hahaha well put Kerrie. David Bowie's crotch in Labrinth! I actually love that film and own it on DVD (not just for David's crotch obviously) xx

  7. Completely with you on the "I'll PM You" Arghhh, just tell us! x


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