Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentine's Treats

We don't really 'do' Valentine's Day. We are not the type of people to go over the top with gifts and cards and things like that, and we would never go out on the night - we tend to use our babysitting credits for work, anniversaries and that type of thing.

However, we are not entirely miserable about the day - we do celebrate in our own little way. We usually have a nice bottle of wine, some good food and just sit in together. (Which is a bit like every Friday and Saturday night really.) We also like to make each other cards. And by 'we' I mean I, Warren isn't the best fan of card-making but he does do it. These are always comedy cards made from bits of the Aldi magazine or made on Microsoft Publisher. This is how we express our deep and undying love...

Anyway, we were really chuffed to receive this amazing package from The Co-Op for a perfect Valentine's breakfast.

This is perfect for us because we do stay in on Valentine's and this is the perfect staying-in kit, I think.

(As an aside, the day this package arrived I was dying my hair. I asked Emily to watch the babies for half an hour while I rinsed it off and blow-dried. I came downstairs and ALL OF THE CROISSANTS had gone, which I thought was quite fitting - we can't even have Valentine's Treats in this mad-house!!!)

Anyway, can you guess what my favourite item was? Oh yes, the Prosecco. They have that on offer at the minute as well, it's definitely one of my favourites. (As a student, I also get 10% off at the Co-Op - this is great news!!!)

So, whatever you are doing this Valentine's Day - enjoy. It's not about the cash, the expense or anything is it (unless you want it to be of course!). Small treats are lovely. And if in doubt, a hand-made card can be even lovelier.


  1. What a lovely package! Oo-er... I didn't quite mean it like that... But still, anything with prosecco, croissants and chocolate has my vote! Happy Valentines Day x

  2. I may be a little jealous. That looks like a wonderful gift and something that any couple would love. Enjoy! x


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