Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Book of Life Competition

I have teamed up with new kids movie The Book of Life to let you know about a fantastic competition for your kids to celebrate the movie's release.

My children are really into their films at the minute. As you might be aware, we are currently stuck at home with the Chicken Pox so we have pretty much spent most of this week indoors. That means quality cuddling time, blankets and some cool films. We have watched some of the old classics like Labyrinth and Lion King but we also love Frozen, of course!!

We can't wait for The Book of Life to be released, and this competition looks fabulous. The prizes are aimed at providing you with the best night with your family!

* Blu Ray Player
* £100 worth of family DVDs
* £100 voucher to Chiquitos restaurant

To enter you need to complete one (or more!) of the three tasks below:

* Download  and print the colouring sheets from here  and upload your finished design to the to the film's Facebook page

* Get creative and design your own costume. Upload the photo to their Facebook page

* Do an impression of one of the characters and upload it to their Facebook page

Do take a look at the competition and keep an eye out for the film. We are really looking forward to watching it!

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