Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Stuff That I Like

A lot of bloggers write about what their favourite things are. I never really do this, but I just thought that I would let you know a few of the things that I enjoy in my life.

These are the things/products that make my life easier, are a bargain or things that I just love. I usually love bargains, not because I am a mingebag but because I am a poor student. Again sometimes, it makes sense to splash out on things that are worth it. So here are some of mine.

I might follow this up with Stuff That I Hate.

1. Bold 2 in 1

This is my washing liquid thingy bob. I love it because:

a) It's Bold
b) It smells lovely
c) It's £2.99 from Home Bargains and it saves me a fortune in fabric softener.

This is all boring housewife stuff, obviously. But I am genuinely recommending this stuff to you - I love it and it smells lovely. (The lavender one doesn't smell as nice in my humble opinion.)

2. Clinique Face Care

I used to always save my Clinique stuff 'for best' but I got quite a few bits and pieces for Christmas so I have been using it everyday.

It works for me. My face is genuinely clearer, not as dry and the moisture surge moisturiser really makes my face feel protected from the horrible winter cold, especially when I'm out the house at 7am in the frost walking to the bus stop.

I know that it is a bit more expensive than usual moisturisers and products, but it lasts - I think that as long as I put it on my Christmas and Birthday list every year then I'm pretty much covered.

3. This Unique Mascara everyone is talking about

It's being shared on Facebook, Instagram and everywhere.

If you Google it you will find some decent reviews by bloggers. This is not one of them. All I am saying is, it works. There are little fibres attached to the wand that stick to your lashes and make them look massive. This was a Christmas present from a friend.

Love it.

4. My New Desk

So after six years of studying with all of my crap deposited in little pockets all over the house I have finally purchased a little desk.

This was £39.99 from Argos in the sale, lovely little cheap desk - does the job. I can't express how excited I am to be able to sit and work from it.*

*not had the chance yet. Kids are up the wall.

5. Bed Cushions

My husband hates them. "What's the point?? They just end up on the floor!"

But I love them. They make our bed look inviting. Sometimes I put them like I have in the picture, sometimes I put the matching ones together. The Love ones were two for £8 from B&M and the little ones were £2.50 each from Asda.

It's life's little pleasures isn't it.


  1. I have only ever used Bold 2 in 1 but the powder. It smells nice, you only have to use one thing and it works. AMAZEBALLS. Love your desk. We have bed cushions too. They live on the floor x

  2. I love Bold too - agree that the Lavender is not as nice.

    My hubby doesn't understand cushions on the bed either. I'm with you, I think it looks great x

  3. Cushions on the bed. They just make a bed look lush. Good for you, even if they do live on the floor. x

  4. Yep men just hate those cushions don't they, must be a man thing....why don't they 'get' it? And yay! for your desk...feels good having your own space doesn't it. Tor xx


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